Web3 Summit Tickets On Sale!

TL;DR: W3F’s goals for the Web3 Summit are 1) to create a forum to focus on all of the decentralized technologies powering Web3, 2) create a participant driven and accessible event everyone interested in decentralized technologies should attend. To balance these sometimes competing goals, we’ve opted for a sponsorship-free event that we hope will break even.

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Earlier this year the Web3 Foundation set out to create the first Web3 Summit. As anyone who has worked on a summit or conference will confirm, producing a 3-day event with 1000+ attendees, 40+ speakers, 20+ workshops, and 24/7 hackerspaces is a colossal undertaking. But we’re determined to achieve our goals and deliver on our mission: to create a web where users control their own money, data, identity and destiny, and we see collaboration as a fundamental driver of the Web3 movement.

Our primary and most important goal for the Web3 Summit is to create a platform for all decentralized technologies to gather and collaborate. Web3 Summit widens the umbrella and invites both competing blockchain technologies and non-blockchain technologies. Working together on a shared vision is the only way we, the users, can retake control over our digital sovereignty. Learn more about these technologies by viewing the Web3 technology stack.

To accomplish this we believe the Summit needs to be focused on the technology and the people building it. So early on in this journey we made a strategic decision to host the Web3 Summit sponsorship-free. From the outset, the Web3 Summit has been budgeted to break even. We believe hosting an event without sponsors, booths, logos, and pay-to-play speakers will create a clutter-free, clear-thinking environment so that attendees can focus on why we’re all here: to build a future where we can cooperate and collaborate in trusting ways, without the need for trust in anyone to direct them, and free from interference from malicious third parties.

Our other main goal is to create a participant driven and accessible event everyone in the community can attend, regardless of their current financial situation or what token they HODL. To this end we decided that we’d sell two tiers of tickets and include the option to volunteer for a free ticket:

1) Regular tickets: 600 euros (800 for sale)

2) Discounted tickets: 300 euros (180 total)

3) Volunteers & contributors: Free (96 total)

We project the total cost of the Summit to be around 550,000 euros. We project ticket sales and donations will amount to the same. This is how we break even and create a sustainable model to host future events and summits.

Ideally, we’d host a free event (like our workshops and meetups) where everyone who wants to attend is able to. This is an experiment, and we are open to other models. Perhaps next year we do accept sponsorships and make the Web3 Summit totally free for attendees, while the Foundation still breaks even. This year we are eager to see how a sponsorship-free event will affect the atmosphere and attendees’ ability to gain value from the Summit.

Thank you for reading this far. We hope this summary of the Web3 Foundation’s thinking and decision-making around the Summit helps make clear our commitment to create a forum for you to develop and develop on Web3. If you any questions, concerns, or suggestions please reach out at contact@web3summit.com.

See you in October!

-Web3 Foundation Team