Web3 Summit is Back!

Web3 Summit will be returning to Berlin this summer, August 19–21, at Funkhaus Berlin.

Last year, over 900 developers, researchers, and builders came together for the very first , a 3-day gathering focused on fostering collaboration between teams working on the decentralized web. Participants flew in from around the world to host workshops, create spaces for hacking and sharing, present their research, and demo technology that would empower others working in the open source community to further their work.

The enthusiasm and contributions from the first 900+ participants of the Web3 Summit helped set the tone for an event that we hope will continue to connect and inspire the builders of the new web for years to come.

To accommodate even more community organized content this year, we have expanded Summit space! Here are some changes you can expect:

  • Our hackerspace will be open nonstop from the opening to closing ceremonies. That means 72 hours of access to self-organized hacking. We will be providing security, support, and late night pizza deliveries to those of you hacking overnight.
  • We’ve added a new studio (with space for 200 people) for larger format workshops and smaller presentations.
  • To take advantage of the summer weather, we’ll have an outdoor space to escape the technical conversations and intensity inside, and enjoy some fresh air and eats alongside the river.

As much fun as we plan to have during Web3 Summit this year, it’s important to remember the Summit’s raison d’être. Together we are developing technology that enables a way to resist censorship, provide privacy to users, and coordinate new economic and societal models that better represent our interests. This is a massive undertaking and it requires the coordination of numerous protocols, and support of various teams.

Such a large undertaking requires a value first approach. As such, the values of Web3 Summit are unwavering: we remain committed to our policy of no sponsorships, no logos, and no maximalism. All protocols, all builders, all backgrounds, all perspectives are welcome.

Collaborator Applications:

The Summit is an evolving experience, one that represents the collective vision of those who contribute to it. We not only encourage you to create your own programming, the success of Web3 Summit actually depends on it.

There are several rooms available for workshops and presentations. These submissions should include a plan for 1–2 hour slots addressing either technical, organizational, or general/advocacy initiatives pertaining to Web3.

Interested in planning some more intensive programming? Create a node in our hackerspace!

Web3 Summit provides an area in our communal hackerspace with desks, chairs, and whiteboards. Node organizers supply the rest! Last year teams like organized an entire 3 days worth of small scale presentations, workshops, and happy hours.

Not sure how you want to participate just yet? While there’s limited space available for workshops and nodes, you’re encouraged to consider Funkhaus your home for the duration of the Summit. If you’re feeling inspired later on, feel free to self-organize something (being considerate of your fellow comrades!) in one of the communal spaces!


are on sale for €599. If you work for a well-funded organization, please purchase the General Admission ticket, as it allows us to provide subsidized tickets to nonprofits and independent builders.

If you require a subsidized ticket, you can purchase an for €199. These are only available until May 16th, so we strongly encourage you to purchase one today.

All Web3 Summit tickets come with the responsibility of contributing to the experience in whatever way you find meaningful. Whether that be hosting a workshop, pitching in on a whiteboarding session, or participating in a hackernode. There are no passive bystanders here!

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Web3 Summit.

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Web 3.0 Technologies Foundation nurtures and stewards technologies and applications in the fields of decentralised web software protocols.

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Web3 Foundation

Web 3.0 Technologies Foundation nurtures and stewards technologies and applications in the fields of decentralised web software protocols.