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A Sneak Peek at Profile’s 1H 2022 Roadmap

Profile is undergoing some major changes as 2022 begins to kick off — our team is determined to ensure that we’re revamping the platform’s key features and overall user experience. This is the year that Profile plans to make its mark in the Web3 world, playing a dominant role in how people across the globe use a Decentralized Identity (DID) to control and store their data.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our roadmap for the first half of this year, outlining all of the important milestones we’re striving to hit from now until the summertime.

January 2022

New Landing Page & Onboarding Tutorial

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to completely redesign the Profile website’s landing page, adding brand new design schemes to give our users a truly Web3-based look and feel, in addition to mobile responsiveness for a great user experience.

This includes an entirely new and improved logo, colors, illustrations, interface, and more. In terms of timing, these updates are expected to go live by the end of this month, so you can expect to see them up and ready very soon.

Coming hand-in-hand with the landing page will be a new onboarding tutorial that will teach you the basics of Profile and how to navigate the platform. Our goal is to make the overall experience as easy and straightforward as possible, so we’ve designed this dynamic onboarding process to reduce the learning curve.

Seamless Sign-in Process

We’re implementing a new and improved sign-in process that will allow you to access your Profile account with the click of a button. We’re making it easier by letting you sign in via your email address, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, or Facebook social pages.

We’ll also be adding the ability to sign in with the Elastos Essentials wallet and Ethereum Name Service (ENS), giving everyone more decentralized options across the board.

You’ll be ready to enter Profile and the Web3 universe in no time.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Login

ENS is a popular Web3 username, or unique identifier, for your crypto wallet addresses and decentralized websites. We want to invite users from the ENS ecosystem by making it easy for them to access our platform and broader our audience.

Therefore, we’ll be providing users with the ability to log in to Profile via their ENS account, giving everyone yet another option to join and have their own decentralized identity through our services.

1-to-1 Chat

One of our core focuses is to make Profile the ideal place for communicating with your fellow peers. In order to do this and maximize engagement, we’re currently working on integrating a new chat feature!

You’ll be able to join verified NFT communities, follow mutual verified token holders, and engage in 1-on-1 discussions with people you follow.

Access to Community Spaces

Soon, Profile users will be able to access different spaces on the platform, opening the door to engaging with decentralized communities across the Web3 space. Spaces will include themes such as NFTs, DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), and more, so everyone can rest assured that there will be a relevant space for them to join.

The very first community spaces will be limited to individuals who hold NFTs, where they’ll be able to access the community by holding an NFT within its collection. That means if you buy and hold an NFT within the communities’ collection, you’ll be able to join — however, once you sell, you won’t be given access to that particular space anymore.

For other spaces in the future, users will need to hold a certain amount of $MTRL tokens to gain access. The token will act as the gateway to exclusive communities and spaces on Profile so you can connect with like-minded individuals.

Currently, beta users of Profile already have the ability to request for a space to be added. Demand for spaces is beginning to increase as we’ve begun rolling out this feature, which will be available to everyone come February.

January Web3 Conference

All of these exciting upgrades are rolling out at the perfect time, right before the Web3 Conference taking place from January 26–27. We’ll be going more in-depth about Profile and the benefits it will bring to Web3 users while showcasing its newly-added features.

To learn more about the conference, visit the website and stay tuned for more updates.

February 2022

Group Chat Functionality

After the first version of the one-on-one chat goes live, we also have plans to enable group chats on the platform. This will really bring people closer together and encourage more fruitful discussion in a peer-to-peer manner, truly bringing chats on Profile to life and exemplifying who we are at the core through community building.

Integrating $MTRL

As previously mentioned, $MTRL will eventually be integrated into Profile as one of the main access points to joining decentralized communities. Holders will have the ability to navigate through Profile with the confidence that they’ll be able to gain exclusive membership to certain spaces and unlock special features.

March 2022

Mobile-friendly Platform

Everyone’s on the go these days using their mobile phones to engage in crypto and blockchain activities on a daily basis. We’re keeping up with this trend by creating a mobile-friendly version of Profile, meaning you’ll be able to access all of our features and benefits while on the go.

You’ll never have to miss a beat again! Take Profile with you wherever you go, in the palm of your hand.

Additional Verifications & Badges

Verifications and badges on Profile are key factors in making the platform more fun, engaging, and immersive. Users want ways to truly distinguish and uniquely represent themselves, and we’ve found these items to be the perfect way to do so.

Once March rolls around, we’ll be adding even more verifications and badges, encouraging users to interact more on our platform with these incentives.

Q2 2022

Upon hitting our target milestones in the first quarter of the year, the second quarter will mark a blockbuster event — the official release stage for Profile.

Our plan is to have a fully functional product ready by this time to launch, unlocking the platform’s full range of capabilities to bring you the best decentralized Web3 experience possible.

We’re looking forward to an exciting and successful first half of 2022, so make sure to follow us right on Medium for all pertinent updates moving forward.



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