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Profile Bi-Weekly Report: Latest Development Updates & Progress

Here at Profile, we’re building a product that is set to change the way individuals and communities own their personal data and information on web3. Our dedicated team has been hard at work looking to make this dream a reality.

As we continue to march forward on the development front towards a fully working product, we’re pleased to say that we’re still on target to launch our platform in Q2 2022.

To keep our community members updated on what’s happening behind the scenes, today we’re announcing the first iteration of our bi-weekly report. Every 2 weeks, we’ll be giving you the latest scoop on Profile’s progress.

Development & Production Updates

The following development and production updates can be seen below, with a list of those that have been completed and are currently in progress:

In Production

  • Automatic notification for Elastos Essentials users when an operation needs to be confirmed within the application
  • Removing “Explore” pages — public pages will be opened in a new tab
  • Adding “date joined” status to user accounts
  • Private and community spaces are functional with the following basic features: followers, “About” section, admin, delete space option, and more
  • New version of Hive v2.5.1 deployed to production for Tuum Tech vault


  • Onboarding of 3 NFT communities — Elacity, Phantz Club, and Bunny Punk
  • Making scripts non-anonymous
  • Replacing the Profile logo and updating style colors/fonts
  • Implementation of 1:1 chat feature using Matrix, allowing mutual followers to message each other
  • Generating a unique referral link that users can share on social media
  • Update to the onboarding tutorial screen performance
  • Development of a new design for spaces
  • The “Welcome to Profile” space has been integrated and is being redesigned
  • The NFT Collection community space is underway with new features (i.e. automatic owner retrieval and current NFT holders)
  • Bug fix on the support forum page — application was crashing due to absence of label App
  • Method to request credentials from Elastos Essentials users altered — substituting the deprecated method getCredentials to new requestCredentials on the Essentials connectivity API
  • Social profiles feature function update — user vault verifiable_credentials collection is now used to store and manage profiles
  • Updating the state management — fixing user experiences disappearing after the refresh page
  • Disabled the sync feature to prevent infinity sync when a user is connected using Elastos Essentials
  • Removed the walletconnect item from localstorage when signing out from Profile

What’s Next

We’re making tremendous progress each and every day, as our dedicated team is striving to deliver on all fronts. So what can everyone expect to come in the near future?

We’ll continue to keep the community informed on all completed updates and implementations that are in progress — this will be done more frequently on our Twitter (link below) and also covered in this report every 2 weeks. In addition, when ongoing features and bug fixes are built into the platform, Profile users will see a note including all changes after logging in.

There’s plenty to get excited about for Profile, so join and follow us as we charge forward towards a full launch in the coming months!

Learn More About Profile

Profile is a decentralized identity that you own on the blockchain. Create real connections with like-minded users and network in the Web3 realm using your own self-sovereign identity to reclaim what’s yours.

To learn more, make sure to visit the website and social media channels below:



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