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Profile Bi-Weekly Report: May 19 — June 1

As Q2 2022 continues to march on, everything is picking up across the board. Here at Profile, we’re continuing to build the infrastructure needed to make our flagship DID technology come to life.

Things are moving fast and furious, and our team has made fantastic progress over the last few weeks to really keep things flowing.

Curious to learn more? We’ve got everything you need to know in today’s bi-weekly report.

Development & Production Updates

Check out the latest development and production updates over the last few weeks, including what’s planned ahead.

In Production

  • Updated the space pages to be more mobile responsive
  • Fixed a landing page bug where the “Create Profile” button wasn’t working on mobile
  • Updated modals in the “Profile Manager” page
  • Added a search feature to the “Spaces” and “Connections” pages, allowing users to search for any person or space
  • Updated profile templates on the “Profile Manager” page
  • Fixed a bug where the “Connections” page was crashing upon searching for spaces
  • Added a home tab to private spaces so owners and members can create new discussion posts and followers can comment (this is the same feature that was previously available to NFT collection spaces)
  • Added CryptoHoodieMan and MaskHuman NFT collection spaces
  • Integrated a new design for the “Referral” page under the Activities section


  • Currently testing the 1-on-1 chat feature (in development)
  • New onboarding and tutorial design integration with the removal of login via mnemonics (after this update, only login through the Elastos Essentials app will be available)
  • Currently testing the integration of the Hive JS SDK and upgrading the Tuum Tech Hive node to version 2.7.2
  • Working on adding a social links and posts feature to private spaces and the “Welcome to Profile” space — currently, these features only work for NFT Collection spaces

Plenty to Look Forward To

Our development team is committed to bringing our community a powerful and robust DID system designed to bring self-ownership back to the people.

There’s a lot of information coming out on the daily for Profile, so make sure to stay tuned on our Twitter and Discord channels so you’re always in the know.

Learn More About Profile

Profile is a decentralized identity that you own on the blockchain. Create real connections with like-minded users and network in the Web3 realm using your own self-sovereign identity to reclaim what’s yours.

To learn more, make sure to visit the website and social media channels below:



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