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Profile x Elacity Form Partnership to Onboard NFT Communities

We’re excited to announce that we’ve formed a brand new strategic partnership with Elacity, a popular NFT marketplace of various collections running on the Elastos blockchain.

Our platform is built for NFT collections wanting to create their own private community spaces, allowing them to come together and have discussions with other verified token holders. Working with Elacity marks our first official NFT marketplace collaboration, set to bring both entities to new heights.

About Elacity

Elacity is an NFT marketplace built on Elastos based on a virtual city theme metaverse, striving to achieve 3 objectives relating to finance, marketplace, and governance to help construct their world.

Their virtual city is borderless and designed to encourage Web3 users to feel more empowered and free to share their opinions, thoughts, and creativity online. Within this marketplace exist various NFT collections with different animated and cartoon characters.

To learn more about the project, visit the Elacity documentation website.

Partnership Details

We’ll be working closely with the team at Elacity to begin onboarding all of the NFT collections under its umbrella. These include ‘The ELAbots,’ Elastos Bulls, Dodo Devs, Elions of Hedrom, and many more.

Profile has already created spaces for several Elacity collections, including The Bella Series, Bunny Punk, and Phantz Club. We’ve established the foundation and worked out the kinks to make the next onboarding process even smoother and faster, meaning it will be easier from hereon out to deploy spaces.

Our ultimate goal throughout this relationship will be not only create spaces for each Elacity NFT collection on Profile but also to build relationships with them, setting the groundwork for this partnership to grow and evolve further.

Setting the Groundwork

This partnership is a big step forward in providing more utility for Profile across the board for both users and NFT communities alike. NFT holders will be able to enter private spaces of the various different Elacity collections to interact with verified, trusted members.

We anticipate that the Elacity collections onboarding onto Profile will spark a new wave of interest, meaning more users and engagement on our platform. Of course, an Elastos army of NFT collections will arise from this partnership — our goal is to continue to bring on NFTs living on other chains, extending the breadth and depth of Profile’s multi-chain vision.

This is the beginning of something exciting, setting the stage for our full product launch in the coming months.

Learn More About Profile

Profile is a decentralized identity that you own on the blockchain. Create real connections with like-minded users and network in the Web3 realm using your own self-sovereign identity to reclaim what’s yours.

To learn more, make sure to visit the website and social media channels below:



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