Why Java is the most preferred programming language for building end-to-end enterprise solutions?

Jan 4, 2017 · 2 min read

Java is one of the most robust programming language used for developing small applications to large end-to-end enterprise software. Java app development is helping enterprises achieve competitive advantage with its open source code base and support from huge user community. Java is helping the IT industry from more than 20 years now. With increasing competition, many new tools have come to the market for solving enterprise problems, but Java still dominates the market.

5 Reasons Why is Java the most suitable for building Enterprise Applications

1. Most oldest & widely used programming language — Java is ruling the industry since 90’s when web development was starting to mature and enterprises were looking for more robust programming compared to C and C++. Java became the default language for most enterprises with its platform independent code and integration flexibility.

2. Java supports a vast array of Libraries — Libraries serve as the basic building blocks for any enterprise solution, and Java supports millions of libraries and codes. Enterprises choose Java as the most suitable language, as it solves the most common occurring problems faced while developing enterprise applications.

3. Shorter Learning Curve — Due to its open source nature, it is easier to learn the language and minimize the learning curve. Java follows the common knowledge of C & C++ with some variations, making it the most easier programming language learnt by programmers. Today, many schools and universities have started teaching Java programming language to their students to simplify programming understanding.

4. Easy integration & scalability — Being supported by a huge user community, Java is a very handy tool for web development. Many of the hosting providers support Java code for hosting their web applications. Hadoop, the big name in Big Data also is written in Java. Java is also highly scalable, making it easy for enterprises to ramp-up their application development needs as per the demand.

5. Supports multiple devices, low maintenance cost & faster processing — Java can run on any hardware infrastructure with current processors, reducing the technicality dependency. It is less expensive to setup and maintain a Java server compared to Windows, Mac servers. Java supports many hardware devices like mobile phones, making it more suitable for enterprise. Even small segment systems can easily use it to maximize its business benefits.

More important thing to note is that there is no licensing cost involved while you are using Java. Are you using Java programming to develop enterprise applications? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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