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AWS Summit 2022

One of the many tracks at the Summit

On May 5th some of our people from WebBeds IT team attended the AWS Summit 2022 that was held at IFEMA, Madrid.

Second day was a more technical forum, more specifically if you are a technical leader, data scientist, developer, system administrator, solutions architect or engineer.

We had a great time visiting the stands of AWS technology partners, we exchange experiences with the representatives of the companies present at the Summit, and participated in all the talks, organized by “tracks”.

Part of the team (from left to right) Toni, Dani, Alex, Andrés, Pep & Rubén :-)

It is very interesting to see how other leading companies solve technological problems. It also gives us an idea to where the industry is heading. I also found it interesting to see the trend to automate everything, AWS does it in its data centers, and offers tools such as the CDK to build infrastructure as code, and that the teams themselves can manage it from a repository (which reinforces the build it, ship it, support it) — Andrés Soliño

The need to build applications already event-oriented in order to have a serverless ecosystem. Many companies already propose their products with this architecture. — Alejandro Berjaga

Opening tracks!

It is always interesting to be able to listen and learn from the experiences of others. From the most traditional topics such as the choice of the BBDD and other more recent paradigms such as event-driven architectures. —Toni Santandreu

The wide range of services aws offers is stunning. After hearing a bit about them I am eager to start playing around and learn more. — Ruben Bustos

I really like attending these events, it is one of the best ways to find out about what’s new. It is much better when the talks are made by companies that share their use cases, and get first-hand impressions, especially in uses for Machine Learning and the increase in popularity of Serverless technology. — Francisco (Xisco) Cobos

At the neo4j stand exchanging experiences about graphs (from left to right) Javi, Alex, Pep Rubén & Toni.

The AWS Summit Madrid 2022 has been a great opportunity to discuss about the state of the art for development processes with multiple IT companies. Having the ability to listen to other people’s good and bad experiences with the technology we use has been very nourishing as well. I firmly believe that sharing knowledge, like in these events, is very important to progress and to motivate innovation. — Dani Carril

We will keep an eye on the next events, encouraging and supporting our people, helping them to become better at what they are passionate about, software development and products that delight our customers.

If you want to know more about our opening positions 👉 https://www.webbeds.com/software-engineer-europe-palma-or-romania/




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