Live Gong and Prosper

Yodle has a proud history with gongs. For many years, it has been a Yodle tradition that every time our world-class sales team closes a deal, the representative responsible bangs a gong amidst the thunderous applause of their peers. Recently the Yodle engineering organization decided that our developer’s efforts were worthy of similar recognition.

Thus was born the Yodle Engineering Gong. Behold!


When a team hits their sprint goal, one lucky engineer strides to the front of the office, mallet in hand, and strikes the gong with all their might. In that moment, everyone drops what they are doing and showers the successful team with applause (and the occasional cheers and whistles). While we delve into more depth and praise during Sprint Review, the ring of the gong is the official signifier that a goal has been completed. It’s as much a part of the Agile process as Backlog Grooming.

The gong has been a great way to highlight engineering’s contribution to the bottom line and help build an energetic culture of camaraderie and achievement. When the gong rings, everyone knows that our colleagues have just made our products even better for our clients and their customers. In addition to acknowledging success, the gong also helps create it. “We want to hit the goal” has become “We want to hit the gong” and teams have reported an increased motivation to complete their work since we installed the gong. This is just another example of how the unique Yodle engineering culture creates a fun atmosphere in which people engage in top-notch engineering work.