Craft CMS Plugins — Our favorites and more…

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Craft is a content-first CMS that aims to make life enjoyable for developers and content managers alike.

Yes, some people in the webdevs-Community are in love with Craft CMS. The CMS itself has a great Community and it brings a lot fun to work with it. And as for sure any CMS out there, there are a lot good Plugins to extend the CMS functionality. Here is our Craft CMS Plugin List. Some of them are really must haves. Others are more optional and depending from the project needs.

Craft Field Cheat Sheet

Craft Field Cheat Sheet gives you a quick overview of how to use your Fields
The Craft Field Cheat Sheet brings code samples into context to the site you’re actually working on. The code you’re shown actually uses your custom field names rather than sample field names. Each custom field shows you the type of field and some common code snippets that you can copy and paste for quick use within your templates.



Super Table is a Craft CMS field type to allow you to create powerful tables. You can utilise all your favourite native Craft field types in your tables, including Assets, Users, Entries and even Matrix. Also supports many third-party field types.


A Matrix-like field type that uses existing fields
Neo is a Craft CMS field type that builds upon the concept of the Matrix field type with a number of very useful features. Neo has been carefully crafted (pun intended) to ensure it matches the look and feel of Craft.

Field Manager


One link field to replace them all, a multi-purpose link fieldtype for Craft CMS.

Pimp My Matrix





Element API plugin for Craft




Plugin that allows you to export data to CSV files.

Art Vandelay


Feed Me is a Craft plugin to make it easy to import entries and entry data from XML, RSS, ATOM or JSON feeds. Feeds can be setup as a task in Craft’s Control Panel, or called on-demand for use in your twig templates.
A common use-case for this plugin is to consume external feeds (news, events), but can also be used as a once-off task for importing content when migrating from other sites.


Scraper allows you to easily fetch HTML content from any URL, create a DOM with it, select elements by CSS selector, find and manipulate DOM nodes, and save or output them using the power of Twig templates.


A simple text truncation plugin for Craft CMS. This plugin adds a Twig filter to take your entry’s content and hack it down to a more manageable size. It strips the HTML and limits the excerpts by character count, word count, or cutoff marker.


Craft Kint


Imager is a plugin for doing image transforms in Craft templates. It does all the things that the built-in image transform functionality do — but more. And it’s faster. At least if you want it to be.
Whenever possible, Imager utilizes the image manipulation library Imagine which Craft comes with and uses for it’s own transform functionality.


Printmaker is a template-based HTML-to-PDF engine — Output a PDF from any template in just one line of code.


SuperSort provides a Twig filter sorting an array of objects, either using one of PHP’s built-in methods to sort the actual objects, or using a custom sort method to arrange the array based on the rendered results of running each object through a Twig object template.
Using SuperSort’s custom “sort as” methods, you can sort an array of elements by any accessible object value — including values from Matrix blocks, related elements, math calculations, etc.


Craft Sitemap

A simple plugin for Craft that generates a sitemap.xml based on enabled sections.

Simple Sitemap

This plugin helps to create a search engine XML sitemap

Delete All Entry Versions

This deletes all entry versions, but keeps the current version of each entry, so you can revert back to it.

LJ Dynamic Fields plugin for Craft CMS

A simple plugin for populating Craft fields with dynamic data.

The Architect for Craft CMS

CraftCMS Plugin to Construct Groups, Fields, Sections and Assets from JSON data.

Craft Focal Point Field

A field type that let’s you set the focal point of an image.
This fieldtype was made to be used together with Imager and its position transform parameter.

We give our best to update this list from time to time. Any Plugins missing. Feel free to write a Response and join our Slack Channel, you’re welcome.

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