Everything You Need To Know About Strong Password Management

In this day and age when cyber attacks have become extremely prevalent, it is imperative for you to ensure that your data isn’t compromised. However, that isn’t as easy a task as it sounds like. We say that because the hackers today use sophisticated techniques to find vulnerabilities in your systems and penetrate into your account. However, there are some tips and tricks that promise a great deal of security especially when it comes to your password.

A Nonsensical Password

We are going to give you the benefit of doubt and assume that your password isn’t your daughter’s birthday or your mobile number. Research suggests that even long phrases can be cracked easily. The best thing to do is use a password that is at least 20 characters in length. Use a string of characters containing unrelated keywords that won’t make sense to anyone.

Lie When Answering Security Questions

If you are one of those people who use a strong password but keep simple security questions as your recovery backup, then perhaps you aren’t as smart as you think. People usually choose security questions like ‘where did you go to school’ or perhaps ‘what was the name of your first pet’. Anyone who barely knows you will be able to guess the right answer. We strongly recommend either choosing opinion based questions or lying on the simple ones such as mentioned above.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Most websites and email clients today offer two-factor authentication options. It is a wise idea to use to use this feature. If someone from a different geographical area tries to log into your account, websites like GMAIL will ask them to put in a onetime password that you will receive on your registered phone number.

Use Biometrics

If you own a modern smartphone then you probably use a fingerprint scanner to lock/unlock your device. Some banking apps along with email clients offer the option to log in via Fingerprint as well. It is a wiser choice to use the feature and back it up with a strong alphanumeric password.

These were our recommendations for some tips and tricks for strong password management. If you believe that your data is extremely sensitive in nature, then we strongly recommend investing in a tool like Web Eagle. Web Eagle can send you real time notifications in an event of a cyber attack. Moreover, it scans all your documents and looks for identical copies on the dark web to find out if your data has already been compromised.