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Aug 14, 2017 · 5 min read

How to convince your manager to send you to the web event of the year!

Make sure your manager sends you to the web event of the year that will change the way you (and your company) think. The fact that you’ll come back on Monday charged up to work will just be a cherry on the WebExpo cake… seriously, we’ll be serving it at our Friday party!

10 reasons that will get your boss on board

  • Most consultants wouldn’t even bother getting out of bed for the price of the ticket and at WebExpo, you’ll hear from over 70 speakers at once!
  • He who hesitates is already standing on the sidelines. Thanks to WebExpo, you’ll hear about the latest trends before your competitors.
  • You’ll come back brimming with new incentives for your business — hot off the press right from the heart of web development, design, and marketing. You won’t find anything hotter!
  • Contacts, contacts, contacts! Speakers will be sharing offstage too, and you’ll meet other professionals in the audience who can help your business.
  • Your company can invoice the ticket as an educational cost and everyone will be happy, even your accountant.
  • Are you a busy bee? Your first idea will return the price of the ticket right back to your department’s budget, so WebExpo is really just a symbolic investment.
  • Gym memberships and meal vouchers don’t really deliver much back, but a ticket to the largest Central European web conference is a truly valuable benefit! As a result, your company will benefit more than it would from muscles or the menu of the day.
  • I’m in! Send your boss a clear sign that you take your team and projects seriously. They’ll recognize that it’s invaluable to have someone on the team who wants to learn more and is always on the hunt for new insights.

Is your manager great about praising your work? Tell them that a ticket to WebExpo is the best kind of compliment.

And if it’s a question of getting your name out there, you never know who will discover your company at WebExpo…

And when your manager asks what WebExpo will bring to the table…

… be sure to mention these talks. Among other things, you’ll learn that:

  • A large amount of data doesn’t guarantee a greater understanding. Numbers can sometimes distract you from the experience of your users — the ones thatl pay for your work. Let Erika Hall open your eyes at the talk Beyond the Measure.
  • Password verification can be breached by ninjas and can also discourage users from converting on a website. Egor Homakov of Sakurity will introduce a decentralized authentication protocol that’s already available to use for free! Go listen to his talk SecureLogin: Usable and Secure Authentication
  • Your emails remind customers of messages from the Stone Age. Mark Robbins will show you how interactive emails work and how to create anything from a picture gallery to a full 3D gaming experience. Don’t miss his talk Interactive Email.
  • You don’t have to separate your planned redesign into individual elements — it may be more effective to treat it as a shared creation — without clear boundaries between planning, exploration, development, and testing. Emanuela Damiani will be happy to tell you why at her talk Redesign Design.

And that’s just a taste. See who else is speaking at WebExpo 2017 »

Why do you have to make it to this year’s WebExpo?

  • If we were you, we’d definitely move the family weekend event. You can see your Auntie any time, but Mike Kus or Scotty Allen don’t make it to WebExpo every day.
  • Don’t miss the boat! You’ll be the first to hear the latest from web design, development, and online marketing.
  • Your colleagues from technical university will be dying. Two days packed with knowledge, brought to you by some of the world’s top experts, will give you more than an engineering degree.
  • And honestly when was the last time you hit the town? Get ready for three amazing party where you can schmooze with IT gods. Don’t miss out our Friday birthday party (or that cake we mentioned before)!
  • Your family will understand that education and work have priority this time, and they’ll live through few days without you. But what your other half doesn’t need to know is how much fun you’ll be having!
  • Inspiration won’t just be lurking on the stage. Chat with other audience members before talks and take some of the more spontaneous information away with you. WebExpo is always the site of new projects, collaborations, and relationships. You’ll also have the chance to break the ice on one of the many tours that WebExpo has set up. Check out an informal tour of Prague, visit a brewery, or take a trip down memory lane at the Arcade Game Museum.
  • Finally squeeze in some time with the old friends you’ve been trying to schedule time with for months!
  • Your manager will be shocked by all of the ideas you come up with after the conference…so don’t forget to ask for a raise in a couple of months. You won’t be refused.

We’re counting on seeing you on September 22–23! Do you have your ticket yet?


Glimpse behind the scenes of preparations for the conference WebExpo 2018 (Prague, September 21-22, 2018)

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Glimpse behind the scenes of preparations for the conference WebExpo 2018 (Prague, September 21-22, 2018)

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