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Jul 28, 2017 · 6 min read

Attract your website visitors, employees, and investors.

How to attract your web audience? How can company work if the employees have no job description? And how to manage all investment into your project (and survive)?

You’ll be hearing the answers from some masterminds that have proved themselves as extraordinary managers (or entrepreneurs) at this year’s WebExpo. Which of them will make you think twice on the fourth weekend in September?

Scott Gould


“An engaged customer or community member is 300% more valuable than an average one.” That’s Scott Gould’s motto, who often compares engagement to a handshake. You and your service are the first to hold out your hand and invite the second party to join…but how do you get them to take your hand with enthusiasm?

Scott Gould has been working for years on ways to draw customers, community, and employees into a shared conversation. He helps to improve emails, chats with followers on Facebook, and transforms events into must-see affairs.

And he does it well. After hearing one of his talks, reading one of his many articles, or taking his course Changing by Engaging, you’ll find out for yourself how the topics stay with you. In short, Scott has made engagement into an art form.

His path to business was far from direct. Originally, he studied English Literature and then worked as a developer, a television producer, pastor-volunteer, and a mentor. He once admitted on Twitter that he pretty much loves everything from the nineties. And whether you share this same enthusiasm or not, you’ll still enjoy his talk.

Topic: The Engagement Advantage: Unearthing the simple process behind how engagement works

Do you ever find yourself brainstorming about how to hook more customers and soon find yourself chewing on your pen? You’re not alone. Most companies know what their companies want, but can’t seem to figure out how to capture engagement on their websites. Except for Scott.

During his 16 years of experience, he discovered a simple process that you can use when you are creating your own strategies. Scott doesn’t keep these guidelines to himself and even recommends how you can set up engagement strategically — despite the growing trend of visitors breaking off contact!

You’ll see why engagement isn’t just another marketing buzzword and how you can easily apply the same principles to your own pages. And you’ll save yourself a few pens!

Shirley Baumer

A mountain of work lands on your desk, everyone wants something from you, and god forbid, if it starts pouring! Shirley Baumer knows this situation well. She works as a product manager in the startup dapulse, which develops a visual project management tool by the same name. They use their own organization system and it’s clear it works to perfection.

Shirley deserves a gold medal for her great time management and good heart. In addition to dapulse’s management tool, she is also co-developing a virtual mobile assistant Steps&, which helps people during rehabilitation.

Her talk on project management is a business must-hear at this year’s WebExpo.

Topic: Show me where to go, not how to get there

More than 60 people work at dapulse and none of them have a strongly defined job description. Sound like total startup chaos? Only it works! Shirley will describe what it’s like to work in a transparent environment, what it brings to the company and to every employee, and whether this system can steer a group of people (and if that’s needed at all).

Her talk will touch on hot topics like ego and personal commitment. At the same time, it will prove that a more relaxed approach to teamwork actually boosts creativity, moves people forward personally and professionally…and that they will happily throw themselves into seemingly boring projects.

This talk will lead you to think about how a similar system would work in your own company. Even if you don’t launch this model, the idea itself will clarify a lot — who is a strong member of the team (and who is not) and whether or not freedom provides better solutions than clearly defined roles.

Jakub Nešetřil


What can you manage to do in ten years? Jakub Nešetřil spent this time on honest development, which is evident in the nine-figure amount in his bank account this year. He first worked as a developer and manager of development at GoodData. He then co-founded the API platform startup, Apiary, with Jan Moravec, which to put it mildly, has done very well. They gained huge investments and also captured the attention of the American colossus Oracle — who bought them this year for a “couple” billion Czech crowns.

Jakub now leads one team in Prague and a second in San Francisco. This has further confirmed that remote work without personal meetings doesn’t have the same juice.

“Despite all the technological advancements, I’m still pretty skeptical of Skype meetings because they are structured exchanges. It’s not the same interaction that you’ll find going for lunch, where you can chat a moment about beer, a moment about women, a moment about politics, and then, a moment about your product,” he once said in an interview with

Does he still have the same opinion now? Ask him after his talk. After all, there’s no better place than in a bar over a beer.

Topic: Fundraising fundamentals: how angel round, seed round and Series A differ

Our jaws dropped when we read about Apiary’s acquisition…and now Jakub will make them drop once again. Before you even ask, he’s offered to answer the what/where/when/how of risky capital.

Jakub makes no secret that he always counted on the possibility of failure, even as he jumped into everything with Jan Moravec. Many types of investors injected their money into Apiary. So, how do you negotiate on American soil? Take a look under the lid of San Francisco!

Mark the 22–23 September in your calendars! Vladimir Vulić, Saskia Videler and Markéta Kabátová are also coming to WebExpo 2017.

Do you have your ticket yet? Buy your ticket now and get 1000 CZK off.

Looking forward to WebExpo? Do you have questions or comments? Feel free to write to us on Twitter. We’re happy to help!


Glimpse behind the scenes of preparations for the conference WebExpo 2018 (Prague, September 21-22, 2018)

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Glimpse behind the scenes of preparations for the conference WebExpo 2018 (Prague, September 21-22, 2018)

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