Monika Trojanová
Jul 3, 2017 · 5 min read

How do you avoid making a half a million dollar mistake or take on a new product that you’ve never worked on before?

These five pros will join us at WebExpo 2017 and openly share how they think about user experience.

Julia Khusainova

Have you given up on and prefer finding accommodation through AirBnB? And have you seen the new service called Experience? Julia Khusainova mostly likely has a hand in YOUR experience — she takes care of travelers and hosts from around the world.

She has gained work experience in startups as well as large companies — she was involved in the development of Twitter and also worked on product design at the shipping service, Shyp. Now, Julia lives and breathes travel and visuals at AirBnB, but also has her own travel magazine, Saison. In addition, she volunteers at a food bank and at an association, which prevents animal abuse. We have no idea how she manages to squeeze it all in.

Topic: Designing the Pivot

That crucial moment when you start developing a new product that doesn’t exactly fit with your existing one. How should you handle this situation? How do you design when it’s so different from what you’ve done so far? And how do you avoid confusing existing users? Is it possible to avoid starting over and start a scalable business straight away? Julia will guide you through the entire development process, so that you don’t have to compromise between your goals and user experience — and so they won’t groan too much while you’re making changes.

Philip Bonhard

When telecommunication firms, state organizations, and companies from the financial services sector want to invent more convenient online services, they consult UX Phil and his company NewtIdea. He’ll be talking about his experience with helping banks at WebExpo, where he’ll be returning for the first time in four years.

FYI: All czech visitors would speak with Philip in Czech. He can´t deny his czech roots although he admits that his proficiency is lagging.

Topic: Human centered banking services?

Large banks like Barclays or HSBC are losing their lead in customer service. Why? They’re being hammered by new startup banks that are able to work with technologies. Their assistance returns the needs of the customer back to first place and their personal approach is reflected in their website design. That’s why Phil will show in this talk what elements are making online banking a bit sexier than before. And even if you’re from another field, like UX or project management, you’ll get plenty of tips on how to deliver a human face to websites.

Saskia Videler

Make the web a better place for all! It’s not just an empty phrase, but the principle by which Saskia creates and consults on content strategies. This extremely empathetic consultant can reveal the tiniest details that discourage or offend visitors on the web.

We like that her superpowers skills never take away from the interests of her clients. As Saskia likes to emphasize, the ethical and commercial aspects of business enrich each other — and actually, it’s this idea that she’ll be speaking about at WebExpo. (If you can’t wait to hear her speak, we recommend checking out her regular podcast on content and UX, Efficiently Effective.)

Topic: You are not invited to this party

Do you what your content is saying between the lines? An inappropriately designed site can easily discourage a potential customer or even hurt his feelings. In this talk, Saskia will show you how specific design choices reveal your hidden (and even unwanted) bias. She’ll also go over examples of web project done the right way — and some ethical disasters. Finally, Saskia will share some practical tips on how to avoid bias in your own content.

Honza Kvasnička a Jan Řezáč

If you have followed some czech Twitter profiles, you would have remembered all the praise and comments that flooded social networks this spring. It’s fair to say, that the Strategic Web Design training from the duo Řezáč-Kvasnička successfully rocked the web design waters. If you missed it (or you’d like to take it again), you’ll have the chance at WebExpo 2017.

Don’t make me think — Honza’s mantra which demonstrates his passion for UX and increasing conversion rates. He’s nearly epicurean in how much he delights in user testing, especially in the field of e-commerce.

It doesn’t take long to introduced his colleague, Jan, who founded the famous online dynasty, House of Řezáč. Jan mainly trains, lectures, and consults on websites, for example LG or Plzeňský Prazdroj (the beer that you must taste while staying in the Czech republic). We can not forget to mention Jan´s book Kniha ostrá jako břitva aka “A Website as Sharp as a Razor” which is one of the must-read titles for anyone in web design.

Topic: A qualified view from the window

Jan and Honza will summarize the entire process of a web project from request to deployment, and also classify the many complexities of different types of web projects. You can also expect to hear about the most common mistakes made by both contractors and employers. The talk and examples will open a window into the realm of the user — count on getting chills from your own web missteps.

Mark the 22–23 September in your calendars! Avi Itzkovitch, Anton Repponen, Irene Pereyra and Mike Amundsen are coming to WebExpo 2017.

Still don´t have a ticket? Buy it now for 259 €!

Looking forward to WebExpo? Do you have questions or comments? Feel free to write to us on Twitter. We’re happy to help!


Glimpse behind the scenes of preparations for the conference WebExpo 2018 (Prague, September 21-22, 2018)

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Glimpse behind the scenes of preparations for the conference WebExpo 2018 (Prague, September 21-22, 2018)

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