Behind The Scenes With Pavlína Chloupková

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3 min readJul 12, 2016


Pavlína is WebExpo’s conference liaison. Thanks to her, everyone can expect to happily enjoy a worry-free conference. So, what are the most common questions she gets asked and where do they have the biggest Snickers?

Foto: Pavlína Chloupková

What are you working on right now and what can participants look forward to at WebExpo 2016?

In addition to the conference program itself, people will definitely enjoy the parties. This week, I’ve mainly been dealing with partner communication, helping to arrange hotels, paying invoices, and answering a variety of questions from conference participants.

And what do they ask about? Something to do with the tickets?

You got it! For example, whether or not it’s necessary to pick up purchased tickets somewhere before the conference — it’s not. Tickets are issued as badges during the conference at the registration center in Lucerna or at the warm-up party at La Loca on Thursday evening. In the meantime, you can see them on the invoice that comes in your payment confirmation email if the anticipation is already killing you :).

Can I give my ticket to a colleague?

Of course. We print the badges right before the event. There’s still enough time right now if you want to give your ticket to someone else. You can exchange your name for your colleague’s online using the link in your order and payment confirmation email.

And which question is your favorite?

If it’s possible to take your dog with you to WebExpo! Unfortunately, it’s impossible due to to the nature of the space. So, we recommend leaving your pets at home. However, there’s not a lot of curiosity at the moment. You’ll have to wait until the real chaos starts in early September. 🙈

This year, the subtopic of WebExpo is obsessions like the joy of creation. What’s yours?

I’m not that different from other web creators. I play ping-pong competitively and at the end of the season, I finally made it into the first Czech league. Ping pong goes from October to March, so it actually works well with WebExpo. I’m really looking forward to my debut in the league. It will probably be quite difficult to prepare for, and I don’t want to embarrass myself. I studied business and administration. Right now, I’m finishing systems engineering at ČZU (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague), and before that, I quite enjoyed statistics. Then, Šárka asked me whether I wanted to do WebExpo. I’d already gone to it several times and never regretted it!

Ping & Pong

And traveling? Where can I get these jumbo Snickers?

That picture is, of course, from the US — you can’t get them anywhere else. I was there for a year as an au pair on Long Island, and I travelled around a bit while I was there — for instance to the Grand Canyon and so on.

The 2016 conference takes place September 23–24 in Prague. Currently, the biggest names are Harry Roberts, Michael Lopp and Peter Morville with many more to come.

Tickets are still available.

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