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Sep 12, 2017 · 4 min read

This is how your WebExpo dairy will look like.

Taste and enjoy Prague and WebExpo. The schedule si pretty full since Thursday to Sunday, check this uto.

Czech mysterious castle

The Czech republic is famous for old castles, you can visit the weirdest one, Červený Újezd, with WebExpo. Why is it so weird? Well it looks like from Middle Ages but was built in 2001. How crazy is that?

Roasted duck with dumplings

Look forward to some home cooking in a medieval tavern on our WebExpo trip! After all, you’ll need energy before visiting the Arcade Games Museum.

Back to your childhood

Got a soft spot for classics like Mortal Combat? Join WebExpo at the Arcade Games Museum tour on Thursday, September 21st. Meet the other attendees and defeat them in Jurassic Park.

Let’s grab a drink!

Join us for a tour of the Staropramen Brewery. Discover the secrets behind the beer-making process from the brewmaster himself and get to know other WebExpo attendees before the conference starts!

Ping pong warm-up

Singles or round robin table tennis? The competition will be fierce at the WebExpo Warm-Up Party!

The best of

If Bill Murray visited WebExpo, he’d taste the whiskey from And a view of Prague at night is better than Tokyo. He can’t come to the Warm-Up Party, but you can.

Gimme me my donut!

We already know what you’re eating for breakfast on September 22nd! Doubleshot coffee and a heavenly donut from Donuter Donuts. The icing will even match your WebExpo badges!

The leadership of future

Don’t fight the future, be ready for it! Tom Goodwin will introduce 10 trends turning leadership on its head. At 10 am.

Mr. Hacker comes to town!

He hacked GitHub at 19. Better watch your websites! Egor Homakov is coming to WebExpo and speaking on Friday on Friday at 2 pm.

DIY Iphone

Scotty Allen built his own iPhone from parts bought from markets. As a result, he learned a lot about how electronics are made, modified, improved, and recycled in China. Scotty's talk takes away your breath as well as your illusions.

Pad thai & thai massage

Have a pad thai and later enjoy 15 minutes of bliss for your back and neck. Thai masseuses have got loosening up the stiff muscles of programmers and managers down to a science. And don’t worry about missing anything — you’ll still be able to hear what’s happening on the main stage.

Play a game with WebExpo

Snap a #WebExpo selfie with the upside-down horse or as you high-five someone at a Partner stand! Post your photos with our hashtag to win a gift (and lots of likes). Check more info.

Finance your startup from A to Z!

How do you finance a startup? And how do you negotiate with American investors? Jakub Nešetřil will take you through every stage of the process at 17:00.

Happy birthday, WebExpo!

Giant cake from Erhart Cafe? Check!
Raffle? Check!
Table tennis? Check!

We’re turning 10! Join the WebExpo celebrations at our birthday party on Friday.

The morning after Friday night

Be careful with the curtains.

A regular caffeine dose

Doubleshot will keep you caffeinated all the time. Their baristas are already gearing up for September 22nd and 23rd!

Too smart to be smart?

Smart fridges, smart coffeemakers…but do we need them at all? Avi Itzkowitz breaks down where we went wrong at 10 am.

Amadeus among API

A musical composer who gave up music for the world of APIs. Don’t miss Mike Amundsen’s talk on the communication of operating systems at WebExpo on Saturday, September 23rd at 11am!

Manage how to pivot

How did Airbnb introduce Experiences as a company known for accommodation? Find out at Julia Khusainova’s talk — Designing the Pivot — at 11 am.

Nutella, nebo cream?

Create your own delicious Nutella/whipped cream designs in networking playground called Games & Crepes! And while you’re there, enjoy the amazing view from the terrace of Lucerna Palace. Don’t forget to post your pancake with the #WebExpo hashtag. :-)

Pull them into the game

Petr Pouchlý called “a badger” knows that successful gamification is your best shot. And he is gonna share with WebExpo where and when you make your audience play and enjoy. Don't miss his talk at 12 am.

And now make some noice… sorry, voice!

Soon you’ll be able to talk to your computer and other devices. And they will understand! Don’t miss this great talk on voice-driven interface at 4 pm.

A creative explosion!

Anton a Irene will give us a peek behind the scenes at how they keep coming up with one great idea after another. Get ready at 4 pm.

A fresh finish with chatbots

What do fresh Goodlok juice and Božena Řežábová have in common? They’ll both be at WebExpo and both love chatbots!

Afterparty for all who stay alive

We’re playing Human Ludo at the WebExpo afterparty! Don’t worry, we promise everyone will survive!

Team, team, team!

Collect data and draw exact conclusions in record time! Erika Hall will teach you how to do research right while uniting as a team at the special WebExpo Sunday workshop. Buy a ticket, there are few left.

A lot of things to do, right? So see you at WebExpo 2017… and at the arcade museum playing Mortal Combat!


Glimpse behind the scenes of preparations for the conference WebExpo 2018 (Prague, September 21-22, 2018)

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Glimpse behind the scenes of preparations for the conference WebExpo 2018 (Prague, September 21-22, 2018)

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