WeBill Dev Deep Dive — Daniel King

Marcel Schmidt
Oct 25, 2019 · 2 min read

Every week we will place one of our team members in the spot light and get to know them a little bit better. This week we sat down with Daniel, Lead front-end developer and serious gamer!

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Where were you born and where did you grow up?

Canada. Born in Calgary and then I grew up in a little town called Barnwell.

What was the first job you can remember you ever wanted to do?

Probably working with computers. When I was 5 when I figured out how to use a computer. A Pentium 4.

When did you know for the first time, that you wanted to work in software development?

First time I wanted to be a developer is when I found out what the world of computer jobs looked like. A software developer looked far more interesting than IT support or other jobs to do with computers.

What is your favourite Dev Tool?

React Code Snippets. I just type 4 characters and it returns about 10 lines of code for me.

You have been at Webill since the beginning. What is the change you have seen/experienced that you are most happy about?

Personally my journey in working in front and back-end and in Dev Ops before Jedd got here. I have a nice understanding of how everything works together.

Developers are sometimes seen as complete geeks. You are in a steady relationship. How does being a developer and being in a relationship go together?

Normally not developing at home, but in terms of the geek side of things, we are normally into the same kind of things. We watch some anime together and we’ve played some games together.

Do you Game? What?

Yes, at the moment I am playing Tekken 7. Trying to get good at the game, but it is very difficult. I play on PC.

Do you play sports? What?

At school I played tennis and cricket. But nothing since.

Favourite app on your home screen?

Reddit, maybe….

If you weren’t developing what would you be doing?

Streaming gamer and be the next Ninja, although I’ll have to play Fortnite.


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