Guide on Choosing the Best Mobile App Development Company for Better Productivity and a Premium Product

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3 min readMay 28, 2018


Today, Mobile users spend minimum 30 minutes every day using mobile apps. This trend is redefining the approach towards mobile app development. The exponential pace at which the mobile app industry is growing, the iOS and Google Play market will see a 50% rise in the apps that will be available in the future. This mobile-first approach is the reason behind the change in attitude of mobile app development companies.

Earlier, large corporations were the only ones to consider mobile apps as their essential future strategy. But now, Small and medium-sized companies are also looking to benefit from iOS app development and Android app development. However, most companies don’t have the resources to invest in an in-house development team and prefer to opt for mobile app development outsourcing. Finding programmers is not an easy process and you are at a constant risk of being delayed, derailed, ending up with a low-quality app or with no app at all.

You can opt to hire an expert mobile app development company with experienced mobile app developers and programmers. All you will need to do before signing the contract is researching their credibility, recent project and reviews. Asking a few specific questions regarding security, communication and relevant reviews will help you make a good choice. Always choose an established firm with a good online presence. They must have a stellar reputation with relevant experience in the field. Here’s a short checklist to keep in mind,

  • Get To Know Your Product Correctly
  • Are You Developing A New Product, Or Supporting An Existing One?
  • Risk Mitigation for Mobile App Programmer Outsourcing
  • Finding a Right Mobile App Development Team

a. Hiring remote freelancers — A big no.

b. A mobile development company should have an exemplary brand

c. Ask for reviews

d. Relevant experience in similar domain or market

e. Consider their tech expertise

f. Don’t hesitate to ask about security

  • Lay Down the Groundwork
  • Overseeing VS Micro-Managing
  • Releasing the Mobile App

So finding the best team of programmers is not the only milestone. You will need to provide them specifications about the project. The timeline, budget constraints and other elements of the projects should also be clarified. To ensure you end up with a product you are proud of, over-see the project and choose regular written communication in place of micro-managing each task. The next and last logical step would be to test run the app and launch it on the Play store or Google Play. However, the success will depend on the expertise of your remote mobile development and the quality and authenticity of your app.

Businesses have started embracing mobile app development outsourcing and started building apps for their businesses with the help of offshore mobile app development companies. So it becomes very critical for them to make sure they are right at every stage of the outsourcing.



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