Hubspot & Gmail Integration, The Power of CRM for Your Mails!

Creating a database of customers and prospects remains a good thing in itself to develop your business. And instead of wasting your time manually filling out each contact card, you can now opt for a more optimized and intuitive alternative, thanks to the Hubspot Gmail extension.

Centralize all your email exchanges in Hubspot CRM and benefit from a more straightforward and more practical solution to manage your emailing campaigns and your contacts. With Hubspot CRM & Gmail, you can easily track your customer database with every email you send. Moreover, being the leader in marketing automation, this Hubspot integration will allow you to send sequences of emails easily.

Install Hubspot Mail Integration for Gmail

Bring the power of Hubspot CRM to your inbox with the Gmail Hubspot plugin, a tool as powerful as Hubspot’s MailChimp integration. In addition, you can now access the Hubspot email tracking functions on Gmail by installing the integration offered by the inbound marketing tool.

The Hubspot CRM & Gmail integration is essentially obtained after a Chrome extension. So naturally, therefore, you must use Google’s browser to get Hubspot’s Gmail integration, especially since it is the number 1 priority search engine for Internet users. So how to go about it?

Follow these few steps to link Hubspot CRM & Gmail on all your digital media.

Step 1: Download and Install the Hubspot Gmail Integration

First, log in to your Gmail account and go to the Google Chrome store. Then, find the HubSpot Sales extension and click “Add to Chrome.”

Then click on “Add extension” and wait a few seconds until a window appears on the screen. The latter offers you, in particular, to activate the synchronization of Hubspot CRM on your digital media, which use the browser.

Once the Gmail Hubspot extension is installed, an icon will appear at the top right of the screen.

Step 2: Connect your Gmail account to Hubspot mail

After downloading and installing the Hubspot extension on Gmail, click on the Hubspot extension icon next to the search bar.

Click on “Log in,” then enter your username and password on Hubspot. Do not forget to check the small box “Remember me” so that you no longer have to enter this information the next time you connect.

Once the Hubspot mail is integrated into your Gmail account, the Hubspot icon will change from gray to orange.

The features of Hubspot integration for Gmail

Once the Hubspot CRM & Gmail is connected, you can now enjoy the flagship features of the CRM in your inbox. Also, a new Hubspot icon will now be accessible at the top right of your Chrome browser to more easily access your data stored on the CRM.

A better interface for sending emails

The use of the extension HubSpot Gmail allows above all to benefit from a complete interface when sending an email. For example, new tabs now appear above the free field where you are used to composing your posts.

What to remember from the Hubspot signature in Gmail? Access these new essential parameters of web marketing:

  • Templates: Provides access to many email templates listed on your Hubspot account. So you have to choose a pre-established model according to your target and the message to send.
  • Sequences: This makes it easier to set up a series that you have already taken the trouble to create on Hubspot.
  • Document: allows the insertion of a link that lands towards a specific document stored on the CRM.
  • Meeting: Allows the insertion of a link to a Hubspot webinar on Zoom, for example, or any appointment setting.
  • Text Blocks: Facilitates the insertion of texts stored on your Hubspot account. You can easily insert them into your messages on Gmail with this Hubspot mail feature.
  • Log: allows you to save the recipient’s contact in their database on Hubspot or update their information.
  • Track: This will enable you to receive a notification directly in Hubspot when the recipient opens the email. This function is particularly essential for monitoring emails and as part of an emailing campaign.

A minimalist icon to access Hubspot’s functions

In addition to the new features available in the sending mail interface of your Gmail account, the Hubspot CRM & Gmail integration also allows you to directly access a HubSpot pane from the Hubspot icon in orange to the right of your search bar.

In particular, you can use it to access or search for specific information about your contacts stored on the CRM. You can also use it to prepare your email sequences, in your campaign follow-ups, and the modification of your programs.

At a glance, you will have access to all of your contacts from the Hubspot extension on Gmail to meet their expectations better and offer them more personalized offers. Besides Hubspot’s Gmail integration, your digital marketing Swiss army knife offers other great integrations for your business, such as Hubspot’s Aircall integration.




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