🎊 trivago helps secure webpack’s future 🎊

Sean T. Larkin
Aug 2, 2017 · 3 min read

With webpack becoming the tool of choice for many companies across the world, its success and that of the companies that rely on it are intertwined. Ensuring the future of webpack is a no brainer for everyone who benefits from it.

Over the past two years we have collaborated with engineers at trivago as webpack is vital to their technology stack. Today we are thrilled to announce trivago as the newest sponsor to the webpack open source project.

trivago’s business mission is clear: be the traveler’s first and independent source of information for finding the ideal hotel at the lowest rate.

They hold themselves to this responsibility and obsess over their customers to achieve it. At the same time, they believe in open and free experimentation in the workplace. So much that they own and celebrate the mistakes they make.

The upside down trivago logo is plastered throughout their media outlets, celebrating the mistakes they make, such as unveiling a banner upside down.

Their technology practices don’t stray from this either. Having a build system that is flexible, interoperable, and allowed for experimentation was extremely important to them. webpack continues to fit this bill perfectly.

parallel-webpack: An open source project trivago’s engineering team worked on to optimize their webpack builds.

Open source is at the heart of these ideals. It is no wonder they have such an emphasis on contributing to open source.

Just a few of the many ways trivago is giving back to open source. See their tech blog at tech.trivago.com!

When you make your community your top priority, your roots will dive deep. When you teach, evangelize, love, and support every contributor and user, your ecosystem flourishes in unimaginable ways.

Beyond charity and virtue

Because of Open Collective, we have a platform to not only have transparent use of funds, but also a medium that allows companies to get something back in return.

In trivago’s case, we are going to provide 10 hours of VIP support per month, and an on-site workshop against a year-long sponsorship ($10k per month). The sponsorship allows us to put the funds towards stronger infrastructure, help fund a better test bed for our ecosystem, and reward more webpack contributors for their efforts.

Become a shareholder

Join trivago, and all of our Backers and Sponsors. By sponsoring webpack, you put an investment on the tools you rely on. Plus for larger investments, we believe that “dividends” should be instantly available to you through training, workshops, and VIP support!

If you or your organization are interested in this, please send us an email to webpack@opencollective.com or reach out to me on twitter.

This is the future of Open Source

We believe that our model is the beginning of a new era for funding Open Source organizations. A platform powered by Open Collective and a governance model driven by our users, stakeholders, contributors, sponsors, and backers.

So on behalf of the entire webpack community, thank you trivago. Thank you for paving the way and helping secure this future we envision.

Infinite thanks goes to engineers Patrick Gotthardt and Tom Bartel from trivago. You have believed in our mission from day one. ❤

Stop by their tech blog to read more about this story from them!


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The official Medium publication for the webpack open source project!

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