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webpack 2.2: The Release Candidate

The talks of webpack 2 started back in January of 2015. Since then we have published multiple versions from 2.0 to 2.1-beta.28.

For awhile, things were moving slowly, and then as of June, we had formed a Core Team, conducted weekly meetings, published meeting notes, and completed our first milestone for our brand new documentation webpage. In addition, we secured our organization for the future through sustainable efforts of the JS Foundation and Open Collective.

Today, we are happy to announce that webpack 2.2.0-rc.0 is available to download right now!

npm install webpack@beta --save-dev

Running the command above will give you the latest webpack release candidate!!!

Whats changed since webpack 1?

If you are still using webpack 1, then please take a look at “Migrating from v1 to v2” on our new documentation page. This will guide you through the migration steps to upgrade.

Whats new in this RC from webpack 2.1.0-beta.28?

Bug fixes to our latest features. You can find out the release information on our releases page on github.

What next?

We will wait on you, the community to adopt, install, and use webpack 2.2.0-rc.0 and provide feedback and bug reports. After a 2 week regression, we will release webpack 2 final. So please upgrade from v1, or v2 beta, and submit any bugs you come across. In the meantime we will be shaping up our documentation, and giving tender loving care to our other loaders and plugins in our core github org.

Thank you.

To all of those involved on our contributor team, the core team, loader and plugin authors, those who submitted their first time commits, or assisted with troubleshooting: we cannot thank you enough. We have said this many times in the past, but the community is what makes webpack strong, sustainable, and vibrant in this JavaScript Renaissance we live in today. Without you all, we would still be Yet Another Build Tool (YABT).




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