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To support millions of features, use-cases, and needs, it takes a secure, stable, reliable, and scale-able foundation. Only with webpack, are the possibilities limitless!

🚀webpack 4 beta — try it today!🚀

Git contribution stats for the webpack next branch at a glance using gitinspector! Try it on your project to see insights. PS: This doesn’t include the incredible work done in our webpack-cli team and webpack-contrib organization supporting our loaders and plugins.

What’s new in webpack 4?


🔥Better Defaults — #0CJS

webpack 4.0.0-beta.0 running a build w/o a configuration! #0CJS 🔥

💪Better Defaults — mode

🍰sideEffects — Huge win for bundle sizes

We originally called this feature “pure-module”. This is now called “sideEffects”

🌳JSON Support & Tree Shaking

😍Upgrade to UglifyJS2

UglifyJS2 now supports ES6 JavaScript syntax!

🐐 Module Type’s Introduced + .mjs support

🔬WebAssembly Support

💀Goodbye CommonsChunkPlugin

💖And so much more!

⌚The clock starts now




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Sean T. Larkin

Sean T. Larkin

@Webpack Core team & AngularCLI team. Program Manager @Microsoft @EdgeDevTools. Web Performance, JavaScripter, Woodworker, 🐓 Farmer, and Gardener!

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