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webpack 4: Changes Part 1 (week 24–25)





Chunk loading with Array push

(window.webpackJsonp = window.webpackJsonp || []).push([...])
  • This allow chunks to be executed in any order (<script async>) which is really great if some files are already cached.
  • This allow to put the webpack runtime into any chunk. In many cases no need for a manifest chunk anymore, you can put the runtime into the app chunk and keep the vendor chunk cached.

Sideeffect-free modules

Deprecated stuff

  • module.loaders (→ module.rules)
  • Compilation.notCacheable
  • HMR orignalErrororiginalError
  • loaderContext resolveSync ( → resolve)
  • SourceMapDevToolPlugin with only a string argument
  • loaderContext options ( → LoaderOptionsPlugin for incompatible loaders, but eventually loaders should be fixed)
  • Segment (Data Infrastructure) donated a total of $24,000
  • Trivago (Hotel metasearch) donated a total of $20,000
  • ag-Grid (DataGrid) donated a total of $17,500
  • Capital One (Bank) donated a total of $12,000
  • Slack (Web-IM) donated a total of $8,000
  • Full list



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