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Jan 20, 2017 · 3 min read

About a week before shipping our final release for webpack 2, I had come to the conclusion that we were failing a huge majority of developers in the webpack community. Each night I would find myself accidentally skipping over webpack related tweets in Mandarin because I couldn’t always make out the translations to English that Twitter would provide.

However, this reminded me of seeing the success Evan You has had with the VueJs framework and its mass adoption in the Chinese community, and because of that I was inspired to follow suit.

The call to action

We reached out to the Mandarin speaking community on Twitter asking if anyone would be interested in delivering outreach and advocacy on our behalf. This way we could ensure that every developer could have the same great experience, that I was helping provide to everyone else.

This is what Lee (lcxfs1991) saw that night I tweeted out.

Many people offered to assist and so we started to brainstorm and document our goals. Overall it boiled down to one thing:

Advocate for and support the Mandarin speaking webpack community.

As developers in China are just about to start preparing for their Chinese New Year celebrations this weekend, its only fair that we can give back to them.

webpack 中文 (webpack china)

I’d like to introduce to you the webpack 中文 organization and team.

(from left to right, top to bottom) 丁一, 上坡, 李仲辉, 裕波, Lee, Leo, 渚薰大神, 月影

This 8 person team led by Lee (seen above in the middle) has now spent the last 2 weeks preparing the webpack-china GitHub organization. The purpose of this team is to continue to work to make an enjoyable and exciting experience regardless of your origin or the language you speak. Meanwhile, the webpack core team and main organization will continue to provide support in whatever way possible.

What will you find inside webpack-china?

  • webpack-issues: This is the single source of Questions and Answers. I myself and other webpack core team members will be on standby if there is something that the webpack-china team cannot answer.
  • The organizations main website. Linking all of these great repo’s in one place. In addition in a different domain, the Chinese webpack new documentation will also be located here. You can view an example live right now the Mandarin version!

What’s next?

The team says they want to focus on community support and blog/article collections. If you would like to get involved, stop by the webpack-china Q&A section and let them know you would love to help

Thank you for using webpack and helping our community grow! 感谢你使用webpack并助力我们社区的成长! 🙇🙇

No time to help contribute? Want to give back in other ways? Become a Backer or Sponsor to webpack by donating to our open collective. Open Collective not only helps support the Core Team, but also supports some of webpack-china’s needs, and contributors who have spent significant time improving our organization on their free time! ❤


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The official Medium publication for the webpack open source project!

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