webpack freelancing log book (week 8)


This week nothing exciting happend…

I continued working on Scope Hoisting, doing some bigger tests, trying to fix the bug reported by an early tester.

I also added a reporting feature which reports why modules doesn’t get optimized:


Using this you will see how to optimize your bundle for better Scope Hoisting. I probably use this feature to report other optimization bailouts too, but for now it only reports Scope Hoisting bailouts.

Most (harmony) bailouts I come across was the ProvidePlugin. Modules affected by this plugin can’t be concatenated.

Don’t use the ProvidePlugin except for shimming.

Other bailouts include CommonJS modules, but this was expected.

Other big topic I cared about this week was finishing the document for the CSS plan. This is a separate document you can find here:


It’s mostly an internal document. A separate post will be made for the user-facing changes.

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