🎉 webpack + Google Summer of Code 2018

Jevan Chan, Dhruvdutt Jadhav, Vincent Chan selected as GSOC 2018 Webpack Students!

Sean T. Larkin
Apr 23, 2018 · 2 min read

If you have been following the Google Summer of Code projects, you’ll notice that this year webpack is among the list of organizations participating this year!

Learn more about Google Summer of Code!

We had over 50+ student applications fly in after our announcement and Even Stensberg, Tobias Koppers, and the rest of the webpack team spent weeks working to evaluate them!

Our project page on the GSOC website

Our Students

This year we were awarded an unprecedented 3 slots! (Typically new organizations are only awarded 1–2). Here are the students we have selected!

You can find more details of each student on the GSOC Participants page

Congratulations Jevan Chan, Dhruvdutt Jadhav, and Vincent Chan!!! We are extremely excited to kick off GSOC 2018 with you together!!!

Project Overview

Each student will be focusing on a vital enhancement for webpack, and the webpack-cli. The general overview (without spoiling too many details 😏) is as follows:

  • Creating WebAssembly versions of webpack core modules/dependencies
  • Automation and Infrastructure for the webpack-cli
  • Deep Scope Analysis for webpack core

Next Steps

Throughout the next few weeks, mentors who have been paired with each of the individual students will collaborate weekly to talk about expectations, research, and required work for their goals.

In addition, we will have each individual student publish their first medium article from our webpack publication introducing themselves to our ecosystem and community! Similar to our Freelance Logbook, we have expectations that our students share weekly/bi-weekly updates about their progress that can be visible to you all!

We believe that communication is vital in any open source role, and this is one of the ways we are working to help students build these skills.

Stay Tuned!

We’re excited to keep you all informed on the progress, so subscribe to our publication and look for a new “GSOC 2018” section in our navigation bar which will host and allow you to keep track of each students work along the way!

The official Medium publication for the webpack open source project!

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The official Medium publication for the webpack open source project!

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