If you see branded content that doesn’t come from a brand itself, it’s probably user-generated content, or UGC. In fact, UGC is any type of content — from plain text to images and videos — created by an audience of a brand and published to an online or social network.

There are many articles on how to encourage users to create such content for your brand: get a branded hashtag, run a contest, offer a free trial in return for a testimonial, and so on. In this article, we’re not going to focus on that. We’ll speak about what we’re…

We analyzed the world’s top 500 websites (source: Alexa.com) to find out how you can take over your competitors

Google cares about website performance more than ever before. Performance is a ranking factor for search and ads results (Google, Jan 14, 2019). Site performance has a direct effect on your business metrics (Test My Site by Google). Google measures performance through the dedicated Performance Score.

Performance Score is determined by Lighthouse simulating a page load and analyzing the derived lab data. 100 is the best possible score which represents the 98th percentile, a top-performing site. A score of 50 represents the 75th percentile.

A score of 90–100 is considered fast, and 50 to 90 is considered average. …

Summary: a step-by-step guide on optimizing images with CDN’s URL directives to get rid of Google PageSpeed image related issues.

When you analyze a website with Google PageSpeed Insights, it often points out several image issues to fix:

  1. Next-generation formats
  2. Image size
  3. Responsiveness
  4. Lazy loading

Resolving those is frustrating if you don’t know exactly what to do.

That’s why we built PageDetox, a tool for analyzing your image issues and fixing those.

Our goal is to give you a step-by-step directions on fixing all page-load issues related to images, videos, and GIFs.

We used PageDetox to analyze the world’s top…

When building a digital product, the choice between integrating a solution and coding something yourself is often the choice between fast-paced growth and dragging behind: a 🚀 vs. 🐌 thing.

In case you’re creating a new product, time matters. On the way there, it’s essential to focus on values it will create and ways to market those values, not the infrastructure around. We concentrate on this mindset when developing a new feature or shipping a product and explain why we do that in this article.

The choice of a development culture has a massive impact on how you manage resources…


This article covers one of the ways to avoid the by-design <script> HTML element vulnerability.

Long story short, unlike any other HTML tag, <script> implies different rules of escaping its content. The proper escaping is unreasonably difficult and can even be impossible under certain circumstances.

The “escaping problem” often makes <script> a source of vulnerabilities.

Instead of going with uncertain rules, I propose using the <safescript> element which follows HTML guidelines on escaping via HTML entities.

🔖 Now, read on to check out all the details.


There was a time when most of the web pages were manually crafted by…

Igor here, CEO Uploadcare. Indie Hackers recently interviewed me about growing our product and insights we had on the way. I’m sharing the interview on our blog.

Hello! What’s your background, and what are you working on?

Beside Uploadcare, I’m also a board member with RIDERS. Ten years ago my partner and I co-founded a web development agency: Whitescape. We always wanted to start working on our product, but creating an agency was necessary to acquire the initial capital and, more importantly, relevant knowledge and skills.

Before starting Uploadcare, we managed to scale Whitescape up to EUR 1M in gross revenue and launched more than 150 projects for our customers…

GDPR for SaaS in Plain Spoken English

While my previous article was entirely dedicated to TODOs getting your company GDPR compliant, this one talks about a shortcut to that compliance through first implementing Privacy Shield. Especially if your company is registered in the US 🇺🇸

Now, your business is in the US, but you still process (or plan to do so 🤔) personal data belonging to EU citizens: acquire the Privacy Shield Framework compliance first. As a bonus, it’s also just a shortcut to GDPR.

PSF regulates how data from the European Union (and Switzerland) can be stored and processed in the US. …

A little while back, Google sent out an email to all G Suite owners, its subject said: “[ACTION REQUIRED] Rollout of Data Processing Amendment version 2.0 to reflect the GDPR.”

That left me thinking — and now writing about what it all meant. This article walks you through the process of becoming GDPR compliant, if you’re a SaaS. Since it looks like we can’t put GDPR off any longer 🙌

I’m no lawyer and may have gotten a thing or two wrong, but hopefully this article serves you well as a good starting point.


General Data Protection Regulation is a…

Uploadcare Widget is a flagship feature: an ultimate file uploader aimed at forever replacing <input type="file">. The widget recently underwent a deep redesign: we revised its UI and layouts. I’m Anton, a UX/UI guy with Uploadcare, and I will walk you through our interface decisions and the reasons they were implemented. Also, I will share some experiences, so you don’t make our mistakes when building your thing.

The old way

The previous widget design was good for 2012. It worked well, and the feedback was mostly positive. But everything ends, and we got to the point where that design was getting old. The…

In the introductory article, I provided the comprehensive summary of the challenge. The story turned out to be rather long and a bit half-baked: it did not contain a single line of code. However, it’s hard to talk about specific optimizations without the preceding summary. Of course, one can apply some techniques to any code at hand. For instance, caching calculations or reducing branching. I believe certain things can not be done without an overall understanding of the problem you’re dealing with. That is what distinguishes a living person from the optimizing compiler. And, that’s why manual optimizations still play…

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