Share Files — Easily & Securely

How to Securely Share Files with Key Stakeholders

Through the WebPresence Share File task, a link can be shared to files that you have uploaded to WebPresence—and recipients can download in seconds. The Share Files utility allows you to share files to one or many people that you have selected. This functionality facilitates the sharing of large and/or multiple files in a secure manner.

The WebPresence Share Files utility allows you to maintain control over what you share. With (optional) passwords and expirations for links to shared files, you can control who sees what, and for how long.

A Two-Step Process | AKA How to Share Files

To access the Share Files task, click on the Reports & Utilities Action Group on the Navigation Bar, and select the Share Files task from the Action Item Menu. When accessing the Share Files utility, the Share Files screen will open to the Share Files tab as shown below.

Share Files Action Item > Share Files tab

STEP 1: Adding Your Recipients
In order to begin sharing files, you must first select the People tab on the Share File page displayed to ensure that you have the appropriate people (recipients) set up to receive notifications of the files being shared. 
NOTE: If all of your recipients (People) have been added previously, you may be able to skip STEP 1.

STEP 1: Share Files > People (Add Recipients)

Click on the Add Person button to add a new recipient to your contact list. You will be presented with the following four fields for adding a contact:

  • Name (Required)
  • Email Address (Required)
  • Organization
  • Notes
STEP 1: Share Files > People > Add Person

STEP 2: Sharing Files
Once you have added any potential recipients to your list, you will then be able to select them for sharing files. In order to begin sharing files, you will select the Share File tab (the one that originally opened when accessing the Share Files utility.)

STEP 2: Share Files

You will then complete the following items to share your files:

  • People (Required): Select the appropriate people to be sent an email for sharing files. (These are the recipients that you set up previously.) Note: If you do not see the appropriate person(s) on your list, access the People tab to add them as described in STEP 1.
  • Password: For security, you can require that the recipients enter a password before being able to view the file. The password will be sent to them in the original email.
  • Start Date: You can provide a beginning date and time that the file(s) will be available for viewing/downloading.
  • End Date: You can provide an end date and time that the file(s) will no longer be available for viewing/downloading.
  • Notes: You can also provide instructions or other details that you would like to send to the recipients of the link for sharing. These “Notes” will be part of the email and can contain information about the files and also about other details. Notes will also be displayed on the page containing the shared files.
  • File(s) to Share (Required): Using the Choose File button, browse to select a file (Word document, PDF, Excel file, JPG, etc.) to share, and then click the Upload button to add it to your online file storage. Click on the Add Another File button to continue to add more files, following the same process. You can click on the red Remove button that displays to the right of each file, should you decide to not share that specific file.

Click the green Save button when done. Your email will be sent to the selected recipients.

STEP 2: Share File(s) (Adding files)

What the Recipients See

Email Received

Once you have added all of the files that you would like to share at this moment, click the Save button to deploy your emails to your recipients. The selected people will receive an email with the information that you provided (example below.)

Example Email to Recipients

Clicking on the Access Shared Files link in the email will open a page to enter the password, if one was set by the Site Administrator. (If no password is required, a page displaying the files will open.)

Once the correct password has been entered (if required), the Shared Files page will display. The recipients of the email will see both the Note that was displayed in the email, along with the file(s) that you have shared.

Shared Files Page
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