Synchronizing with Your Community

Using the New WebPresence Calendar to be “On the Same Page”

With the latest release of WebPresence (SP1.5), we have added a new feature to your WebPresence website — the ability to add a calendar to your site. This functionality allows you to create events that you would like to promote or share with your customers and community.

First things first — You Must Have an Active Calendar Page

The WebPresence Support Team can help you to establish this page, or we can provide you with detailed instructions on how to do this on your own. Please note that these instructions are also available to you under Help & Support, within the Site Editor Guide.

Adding Events to Your Calendar

Once your website has been set up with a calendar page, the Add Event task will be activated to provide the ability to add an event to a calendar page.

Example of a Calendar Event — Opened to the Event Details

Again, detailed instructions for adding events to your calendar page are available within the Site Editor Guide (under the Help & Support Action Group.) As always, please contact your WebPresence Support Team for assistance or for additional training to review this new functionality.

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