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With the enhancements that we continue to roll out for your WebPresence website, we have a few updates that we would like to highlight in today’s blog.

Public Notifications

With the update to your WebPresence website on December 19th, we made significant improvements to the Public Notification feature. The overall appearance of the feature has been redesigned and the process has been streamlined to create a more fluent experience.

NOTE: With the change to the PN feature, you no longer need to create a news item. We now do this for you automatically in Step 8 along with allowing you to send emails, texts, and/or post to Facebook or Twitter.

Public Notification Documentation

As a bonus, we have added a Public Notifications Guide For Site Administrators to our growing library of available documentation to assist you with fully utilizing the WebPresence product. To access the Public Notification Guide, along with any of the other User Guides, click on the Help & Support Action Group on the Navigation Bar, and then select the appropriate documentation.

The Dashboard

As an added bonus, in November, we launched the WebPresence Dashboard that you will see when you log in to edit your website. The Dashboard provides:

  1. Easy and quick access to routine tasks
  2. A high level view of current website activity
  3. Communication and educational information from the EPA, as well as through the WebPresence Blog

If you have navigated away from your Dashboard, or do not see it when you log in to your WebPresence website, you can always open the Dashboard again by clicking on the Dashboard link in the black footer at the bottom of your website.

Or, you can click on your User Name (at the far right of the Navigation Bar) and then click on the Dashboard item to reopen the Dashboard.

As always, we are here to answer any questions and address all concerns. Please let us know how we can help.


Your WebPresence Support Team

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