WebPresence — SP1.6 Release Notes

Information on the Latest Update to WebPresence

RELEASE DATE: August 31, 2017

Reports & Utilities — Online Accessibility to Notify Your Staff

With the release of SP1.6, adding all of your internal staff to your ERP Contact List (using the Contact Type of Authority), will now allow you to email your staff — individuals, departments, or all — in the event of an important notification requirement, from anywhere at anytime using the Notify Staff function under Reports & Utilities.

Reports & Utilities > Notify Staff

Dashboard — Additional Easy Access Buttons

You will now notice that we are providing easier access for key functions through the Dashboard. Previously, when accessing the WebPresence Dashboard, you were able to click on the following Easy Access Buttons: Create Customer Service Announcement, Create News, and Create Public Notification (Site Administrators only). With SP1.6, we have added two additional Easy Access Buttons for Site Administrators (as well as for two new roles as noted below): Notify Staff and Share Files. Of course, all of these functions are available from the blue Navigation Bar, however, we think that the Easy Access Buttons are a great time-saver for accessing key product functionality.

New Easy Access Buttons for Notify Staff and Share Files

Navigation — Full right-side Menu Item Navigation added to all pages

Previously, there were several page types that did not support the full right-side Menu Item Navigation. For the sake of a more consistent user experience, we have now added the full right-side Menu Item Navigation to all pages.

Menu Item Navigation now on all pages

Flex Regions — Content Accessibility and Expanded Number of Flex Regions for Entityforms

You can now access the Flex Region areas under Manage Content > Your Content. We have moved the access to the Flex Region areas from under Site Admin, to the specific content area under Manage Content > Your Content, in order to create a better user experience when comprehensibly dealing with your content. Rather than send you to two places to edit your List Pages, Landing Pages, or Entityforms, we now provide a “one-stop shop” for editing these pages. You will now see your Flex Region information incorporated under Manage Content > Your Content > Landing Pages, List Pages, or Entityforms tabs.

Entityforms — a new e-Signature option

Specific Entityforms now have an e-Signature option. To turn this option on or off, access Manage Content > Your Content > Entityform tab. Select the appropriate form to edit, and then access the Hidden Fields area at the top of the editing window. Make sure that the Signature (esign_signature_widget) is not selected.

Accessing Entityforms
Hidden Fields > e-Signature Option

Entityforms — tying your employment applications to the available job opportunities

We have updated the Employment Application Entityform to tie to available job opportunities, making it easier for your applicants, and easier for you to know the job to which they are applying.

Employment Applications are tied to Open Employment Opportunities

SMS (Text Message) Option Now Available for News, CSA’s, Jobs & Projects.

According to the Declaratory Ruling, released on 8/4/2016, and relating to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, the FCC has determined that utility companies may lawfully send automated texts to their customers concerning service related matters, such as service outages or potential service interruptions, as their customers provided consent to receive these calls and texts when they gave their phone numbers to the utility company. Use of the Text message option requires that your message be service related.

Customer Updates > Text Message Option

For more information regarding this ruling, see: https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-16-88A1.pdf.

New Roles

For a little bit more “granularity,” we have added several new roles for you to provide to staff members who should not have full site control. With these new roles, you can assign a specific function to a user without giving them the keys to the car.

Notify Staff Role: This role can be assigned to a user to allow that person to only access the Notify Staff utility.

Share Files Role: This role can be assigned to a user to allow that person to only access the Share Files utility.

Content Library Viewer Role: This role can be assigned to a user to allow that person to only access the Content Library. This role also provides them with the ability to email a content article from the Content Library to an email address.

Limited Staff Role: <<For Future Use.>>

Site Admin > Manage Add-ons— New Action Item Providing More Control

We have added a new Action Item on the Site Admin Action Group: Manage Add-ons. This new Action Item will provide you with the control to turn various system features and functions off or on. These items are categorized into three groups:

  • Content — You are able to activate/deactivate several content items so that they can be used (or turned off) on your website: Bid Spec, Permit, RFP, Image Gallery, Event Calendar, Conservation Tip.
  • Utilities — You can activate/deactivate the following functions: Online Chat, Mobile App, Share Files, Notify Staff.
  • Entityforms — You can activate/deactivate any available online Entityforms.
Manage Add-ons

Manage Content > Your Content— Consolidating Your Content in One Place

Once you have created content, you are able to edit the content and content options by accessing the Manage Content Action Group, and selecting Your Content from the Action Item Menu. We have now organized your specific content into tabs to make it easier to navigate:

  • Content: This tab is the default tab when clicking on Your Content and provides access to all pages of content that you have created on your site. There is a filter at the top of the screen that allows you to search for specific content using several parameters.
  • Files: This tab provides access to any files that you have uploaded to your site.
  • Scheduled: This tab provides access to any content that you might have created with a Scheduling Option selected (Publish On/Unpublish On date/time). Note: Any scheduled content will also display on the Content tab.)
  • Webforms: This tab provides access to any Webforms that you have created for use on your site. Note: Any created Webforms will also display on the Content tab.
  • Landing Pages: This tab provides access to setting the options for Landing Pages that you have first created (via Site Admin > Main Menu Items) for use on your site. Although Landing Pages are automatically generated once you have set the Path for the page under Site Admin > Main Menu Items to <landingpage>, there are several options that can be modified from this tab: Intro (Flex Region) and Descriptions & Images for the pages listed on the Landing Page.
  • List Pages: This tab provides access to setting the options for List Pages that are active on your site. Although List Pages are automatically generated by WebPresence when creating the related content items (examples: Board Meetings, Board Members, Staff Members, Job Opportunities, etc.), the Flex Region information would be entered on this tab. Note: If you do not see an Edit button to the right of a List Page, it means that there are no Flex Regions available with that specific page.
  • Entityforms: This tab provides access to setting the options for any Entityforms that you have activated (via Site Admin > Manage Add-ons) for use on your site. Although Entityforms are standard, default forms, there are several options that can be modified from this tab: Hidden Fields, Menu Settings (to provide a place for the Entityform in your website navigation), Flex Regions, and Email Address (for form submission notification).
  • Slideshow: This tab provides access to any Slideshow Images that you have created for use on your site. Note: Any created Slideshow Images will also display on the Content tab.
Your Content — Tab Navigation

A Few Miscellaneous Items

Content Library Access: We added another way to access the Content Library from the Manage Content Action Item Menu.

Exclude from News Feed: You are now able to exclude specific News, Customer Service Announcements, Projects, or Job Opportunities from your homepage News Feed. “Exclude from News Feed” can be selected in the Publishing options for an individual News article, CSA, Job Opportunity, or Project.

Minor enhancements to File Sharing.