Who’s Visiting Your WebPresence Website?

Google Analytics — A Cool Tool for Analyzing Your Site

At Muni-Link, we have been receiving some very cool reports through Google Analytics related to the traffic on your website. We thought that you might also like to receive the same weekly email report on your website statistics (traffic, usage, and more).

Google Analytics — A Dashboard for Your Website Traffic

Google Analytics’ approach is to show high-level, dashboard-type data for the casual user via the pdf report, and more in-depth data through an online report. Now you can understand your customers a little better by bringing all of your data together regarding their journeys through your website.

If you are interested in receiving a weekly email with an attached analytics report (pdf), please email us at: wpsupport@muni-link.com. We will need at least one email address from you, to set you up. Or, if you would like to discuss this with us personally, please call us at (814) 822–1208.

~ Your WebPresence Support Team