The homeless man

Saw an old frail homeless man in Shibuya. He was cold, and shivering alone underneath the train tracks.

I offered him my coat. He refused. I offered him some money. He refused. He asked, “Are you married?” I told him I was. He nodded and continued, “My life is not worth saving, as it ended many years ago after the sudden painful death of my wife and my two kids in a fire accident. If you safely return home to your loved one tonight and care for her, this will make me happy.”

He smiled, and I smiled back. We exchanged a glance of understanding. I nodded as a tear rolled down my cheek.

“I do have one wish,” he added, “It was something my family and I hoped to have for many years. But we couldn’t do that on our own. I wasn’t able to find anyone to help.” “What is it?,” I asked.

He answered, “Will you make me a Web site?”

Web Development.

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