Top Website Redesigns of October 2018

Emily Dumas
Nov 1, 2018 · 5 min read

The magic of Halloween was strong this October, with magical website redesigns happening all across the internet! From minor changes that make significant impacts, to full website redesigns, we’ve seen a lot of excellent website updates this month. A common theme we’ve observed is that many brands are switching out bright and colorful layouts, for crisp and clean layouts with pops of color. There have also been a lot of messaging changes on the homepages. Let’s dive into seven of the top website redesigns of 2018. To see all of the website redesigns from October, head to Inspire.

Flourish transformed their homepage with a modern and crisp design. The header image switched from a street image to people chatting around a table — which is more on brand for a CRM company. They also changed their messaging from being solely about them and more about what they can do for you (a consumer.) Although the color palette stayed the same, they used the colors in new ways, such as highlighting key messaging — “Optimise” being highlighted in blue, or the three benefits in three different color blocks. The changes to their website put emphasis on the elements that matter most to a website visitor.

Lumosity’s homepage redesign completely changed the user experience. Previously, the homepage was broken up by different blocks, all relatively the same size but in alternating colors. Now, the site is white with pops of their brand colors throughout, highlighting different elements of their product. Their messaging across the homepage changed as well, to be more about the consumer and less about the product and the process. Removing the color blocking down the homepage and changing the entire user experience is a simple, but impactful change for any website page.

Threedeep turned their homepage into a story of an innovative customer journey and collaboration. They lead their homepage by saying, “Let’s Take Your Marketing to the Next Level,” which shows the collaboration they believe in between their team and their customers. Their homepage is another example of a site that removed color blocking and opted for a white background with pops of blue and green. Creating more of a story with their messaging on their homepage make a great user experience. This is a good design strategy for companies who have a lot to offer, and need a simple way to showcase their company.

Blue Label Labs essentially took their homepage and simplified the elements to give their homepage a new look and feel. They kept their colors consistent, they kept the format of the page the same, but, they cleaned it up. Rather than having a cityscape hero image, they have their product — apps. Ass you scroll down the page, there are no longer color blocks — there is now a white background with colored circles highlighting each case study. This simplified the content and makes it easier to digest, which is great when you want to show off your success and your product simultaneously.

Gust added in a new and fun design element into their latest redesign. They added in graphics of people talking, sitting in meetings, presenting, and collaborating. By adding in these new graphics, their visuals became more human-centric, which is actually more relevant to what their brand does. Gust is about collaboration and building startups, so their redesign makes perfect sense — give a human feel instead of looking like a faceless agency with simple icons. For website pages that are missing something, try adding in a new design element such as images or graphics. It can pull the visitor’s attention to the most important information, like how Gust uses their new graphics.

Tripleseat reduced the length of their homepage, which was a major change for them. Rather than having a long homepage, where users had to scroll for a while, they condensed the information about their product suite. Previously, each element was shown more as the page went on, but now, it’s highlighted as a complete suite right on the top of the page. They also added in their focus areas: hotels, restaurants, and unique venues, in a side-by-side module. These changes allow them to show off all of their capabilities in chunks, making the information easier to consume and sort through. This is a great design element for those companies who cater to many different industries or have multiple target audiences.

Rocket Clicks gave their homepage a major redesign. Previously, their website was white, gray, and red, and it was also very text heavy. By cleaning out a lot of the text, adding in icons, and more colors, they’re able to break up the content and make a better user experience. Also, the overall presentation of the website changed by switching from a bright red to shades of deep blues. The site is easier to read and easier to navigate, making for a positive user experience. Subtle changes like swapping colors and reducing text can make a major difference in user experience for website visitors.

For more website design inspiration, head to Crayon Inspire.

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