Fake Hosting Reviews

Dec 12, 2017 · 1 min read

The primary reason there are so many fake reviews is that it’s actually pretty lucrative business. A lot of web hosting sites will offer a large fee (up to $150 and even more) for each referral that signs up for their web hosting. Because of the high payout, it’s almost impossible to find hosting without landing on some affiliate website.

Hosting review sites skew their reviews and recommendations, favoring sites or recommending the sites with the highest payout.

These scam sites just want to rip you off. Their plan is to use fake ratings to get your attention, make you sign up with their affiliate links, and thereafter, they leave you high and dry.

Stay safe! Check out my blog post on “How to spot fake hosting review sites”.


Bringing openness and transparency back to the hosting…


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Bringing openness and transparency back to the hosting industry.

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