Why choose Vue.js?

Aniket Pal
Nov 13, 2020 · 3 min read

Vue.js is opensource JavaScript framework used for making UIs and single page applications. Unlike React and Angular , Vue.js is not backed by either Google or Facebook rather Vue.js is maintained by a huge community. Within few years of its release it became popular because of its simplicity and execution. Vue.js is not component driven.

Vue.js has an edge over other frameworks when it comes to Data Binding, Animation/Transition, HTML Templates, Routing, scalability and which creates a gentle learning curve and is simple to use in web app development. Moreover Vue.js allows two way data binding like Angular and has virtual DOM like React. In addition to that Vue.js comes with an attractive frontend view for simple to complex software with its in-built tools and technologies. Vuex , Vue Router, Vue Test Units and Vue CLI are some of Vue.js tools. These tools help and play an important role to improve the speed of Vue app development. Tools include Vuex, Vue Router, Vue Test Units and Vue CLI. This was just an overview of Vue.js

  1. Easy to use: One major reason of it’s popularity is simplicity to understand. It has some extra features like viewers, registered properties and directives which make the cycle of building a cutting edge web application a breeze. Each small and large organization can be made through this structure which saves a lot of time.
  2. Small in size: With just size of 18–20 kb it is easier for users to download and use it. Due to small size and high speed it beats React.js and Ember.js
  3. Templates: HTML based formats bind DOM with Vue.js instance data that compiles templates in Virtual DOM Render functions. Web developers can replace those templates with render function. Vue.js restricts the use of templates to a single root node.
  4. Flexibility: Templates can be written in JavaScript file, HTML file or any pure JavaScript file by the use of virtual nodes. It is easy to understand for the developers of React.js and Angular.js or any other new JavaScript framework. There are a lot of benefits while developing simple apps that run directly from browsers.
  5. Vue.js CLI: Vue.js CLI offers various benefits to developers. It helps with high productivity, decreases latency rate, helps in detecting bugs and ensures assured project completion. Also it saves time in project setup and scaffolding and offers approaches like allowing programmers to create plugins and presets, allow to concentrate on development instead of configuring, and open to integrate plugins at the development phase.

Vue.js has gained popularity among web developers because it encourages them to incorporate with the current applications. This is because it is based on JavaScript structure and can be incorporated into other apps that are based on JavaScript. You can freely include Vue.js CDN and start using it. Most of the libraries and third party Vue.js components are also accessible and supported with Vue.js CDN. You just need to setup node and npm to start using Vue.js. It helps to grow new web apps by just modifying the previous applications. Also you can use it as JQuery replacement.


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