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Letter sent on Jan 10, 2017

Keep Your Memories Fresh by Employing a Professional Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

A wedding ceremony is a formal union of two persons performed in front of their family and friends and is legalized by clergy or an authorized official. This union is something special in the lives of both individuals, and ensuring there is a beautiful photographic record of the pre-wedding activities, the actual wedding, and the reception is what a professional wedding photographer does best. However, selecting the best photographer is something that needs to be thought out carefully.

Beautiful Locations

In the beautiful countryside of Derbyshire, we caught up with professional wedding photographer Tony Hall and asked him what a bride and groom should look for in their wedding photography and how to go about choosing the right wedding photographer for their day. Tony Hall is based in the Peak District and you can often see him working at some of the very best venues that this county has to offer and he told us this.” Couples come from all of over the UK to get married in Derbyshire, very often it is because this place means something to them and brings back happy memories to famous landmarks like Chatsworth House and Curbar Edge, where I will shoot a lot of my engagement shots as the backdrop is simply stunning.”

Then there are the great venues for the ceremony or reception like Fischer’s Baslow Hall, Hassop Hall and Haddon Hall. “It’s no wonder that these wedding venues are so popular,” Said Tony, “When they are used by some of the big film and TV companies to make period dramas like Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eye.

Tony suggested that one of the most important boxes to tick in your search for the perfect wedding photographer is people skills. “Before working full time in wedding photography, I worked as a stills photographer for ITV photographing actors on set, this taught me great people skills and how to shoot unobtrusively to a tight deadline.”

Treasured Memories

A wedding is something that comes usually once in a lifetime for many, which makes it all the more reason to hire the best and talented wedding photographers in Derbyshire who will do their best to preserve in print all that happened on your special day. Planning and booking as soon as possible has to be at the top of your list as most venues and wedding photographers will only take one wedding per day.

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