Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Candid Photography

Wedding photography has come a long way today since the days of staged , posed photographs . With candid wedding photographers in Delhi and all major Indian cities taking weddings by storm, this new age category of wedding photographers are no longer an afterthought.

Here are some mistakes to avoid while hiring them

Not having a wedding photographer for pre-wedding shoots:

While the photographer will be present to cover your wedding memories, not having a pre-wedding shoot means you will not get a chance to be photographed when you are relaxed, with your loved ones. A lot of wedding photography in India tend to be overcrowded by guests so pre-wedding photography is a must for photos you can frame in your new house.

Hiring separate photographers for both sides of the family

This is an absolute waste of not just money but also results in an inferior experience for both the wedding photographer who has to jostle through ten cameras to click his shot as well as you, who will have a crowd of candid wedding photographers on your head. Besides by asking them to shoot both sides of the wedding, you will ensure you get a better package deal.

Not telling the photographer the exact gathering size

Why does the photographer need a gathering size? Because he needs to arrange for second shooters accordingly. While you definitely don’t need a barrage of a 10 person army, hiring 2 shooters for a 800 people wedding is probably not going to be enough. Remember- one wedding photographer for the girl’s side, one wedding photographer for the boy’s side and one shooter who floats around clicking guests is probably the rule to follow.

Thinking you have to limit yourself to a city

Wedding photographers are perhaps the most mobile wedding vendor category. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Delhi, you can get one from neighbouring towns or even other metros , sometimes even without travel costs. You don’t want to compromise on the quality of your memories so why limit it to your city?

Messing up the lighting

Great wedding photography requires great lighting. When you decorate your stage with LED lights in the backdrop , that is the worst enemy of a wedding photography as it can turn all your photographs black. Ensure that any lighting is always as an accent to fall on the couple, and not as a backdrop to ensure your candid photographer stays happy

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