5 Tips to find a Perfect Wedding Videographer

After talking to 1,000 newly wed couples, here are the top 5 tips they had in finding the right wedding videographer.

1. How much are you willing to spend?

Before deciding, it is very important to sit down with your fiancé and figure out what what you’re willing to spend for a videographer. To begin, start with a full picture and then slowly narrow down into details. Costs can wildly vary so it’s very important to canvass for rates as early as possible. Statistically from 1,000 couples we’ve surveyed on trippix, videographers on average range between 8 to 15 percent of the total wedding budget. So, whether you’re planning a shoestring budget or you’ve got a little more cash, this is a good range as guidance.

2. Location, location, and location

One of the biggest consideration for videographers is the location. It is critical to recognize that there are so many factors to consider on the location — indoor or outdoor, beach or garden, traditional or modern, weather conditions, and so on and so forth. The same way that your have to prepare against these factors on your wedding day so does your videographer. The really great videographers excel in any setting but most do better at different location settings. So, it’s always worthwhile to check a videographer’s portfolio and select one you think will excel at your wedding location.

3. Matching styles matter

It can be subtle or it can be a night and day difference but each videographer has a style. As a craft that they’ve been perfecting over time, it is hard for most videographers to alter their style so it’s important to check if their style matches your taste. Your diligence with reviewing a videographer’s style can determine whether you love or hate your same day edit video during reception. So, don’t take it for granted.

4. Pulse by testimonials and reviews

Another great source for knowing if your wedding videographer is a fit is to get a pulse from their online reviews. If they did a great or horrible job, the chances that previous couples who booked their service would write a testimonial or review is very likely. The wedding video is one of the very few tangible objects that will come out and be remembered from a wedding. Therefore, it’s success or failure has a strong impact to any couple. This is why wedding videographers have a very thankless but truly rewarding job. Ultimately though, your judgement is what matters and your choice to listen or ignore the pulse from testimonials and reviews will determine your wedding videographer selection.

5. Compatibility is very important

And last but not the least, compatibility with your videographer is critical. You have to be comfortable with their style and you have to trust their ability to capture the best moments of your wedding day. They own telling your story and they’ll only do a good job if let them. As strongly suggested by married couple’s we’ve surveyed, it is very important to meet with your videographer before hand to get a feel for each other. It helps the couple be comfortable with the videographer and it helps the videographer know the style and taste of the couple. Your love story will only be as good as your relationship with your love’s storyteller.

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