Wedding videos like no other by Chug Cadiogan

For this videographer highlight, we’re altering our style with a questionnaire featuring Chug Cadiogan Cinema. For context, we met Chug late last year and he was our first partner to use trippix’s online booking service. Since then, we’ve kept in touch with Chug as he’s taken bookings both locally and internationally using trippix including my cousin’s wedding. Seeing his work first hand at my cousin’s wedding, I can say he’s definitely one of the best in the business and we’re happy to feature him here.

Thanks for taking the time. First off, what were doing prior to being a videographer and how did you start in the wedding videography industry specifically?

Ever since before I already knew I loved videography. And so after graduating from college with a business degree, I immediately took video production and editing courses. This led to my first job as videographer and video editor at a television production company.

Then in 2005, I put up a generic video production company until a friend of mine got married and asked me to do a wedding video. The audience was wowed by my work and several inquiries flooded in. This was how I started in the wedding videography industry.

When you started, were you immediately fascinated with wedding videos?

Not specifically, I was always fascinated with everything video. But my love for wedding videos came when I saw the wedding videos of Jason Magbanua and Bob Nicolas. It changed my perception of wedding videography. I loved the creative rush and immediate feedback from the same-day-edit shoots. This was validated immediately when I did my first wedding video eleven years ago.

So, was it always Chug Cadiogan Cinema or did you have a other studio names beforehand?

For a few years when we didn’t focus primarily on weddings, we were using a generic studio name for television and corporate projects. But by 2009, 90% of our projects were weddings and I was advised by friends to use my name because it’s less typical and more personal. In a very personal space like weddings, I think it was fitting and hence the change.

You’ve been doing this for eleven years, do you remember your first wedding? When and how much did you charge then?

My first wedding was more than a decade ago, around 2005. I recall charging P5,000 for the wedding. I was a one man show and it was very different then. We didn’t have same-day-edits. The video captured on the day of the wedding and the edits weren’t delivered until the following day. The industry as a whole has gone a long way.

Chug finding the right shot at a wedding shoot —

How about working with couples, how are you when shooting the couple? What’s your syle? And how do you make them feel comfortable in front of the camera?

I don’t direct the couple. I don’t let them do anything unnatural or awkward. As much as possible, I try to fade into the background to make them feel comfortable and just intently listen and observe as things transpire.

This allows me to have the right shot and angle when the right moment unfolds. In every shoot, the main story is the couple’s love story with the ceremony surrounding it but there are countless precious moments in between and leading up to this that we always strive to capture.

Also, it’s always best practice to meet the couple before the wedding. This way I wont be a stranger on their wedding day. As much as possible, I make the couple feel comfortable and the environment natural which leads to a great and fun experience both for me and the couple.

I imagine that preparation is key for every shoot. So, do you follow a particular routine prior to a wedding shoot?

Yes. Days before the event, I would visit the venue to get a sense of the landscape I’ll be working with. Also, I typically check the couple’s facebook profile for hints of their personality and I listen to various genres of music to find the right blend of music for their love story.

On the day before the wedding, I would double check my equipment to make sure they’re in perfect condition. I would check the weather so that I have a sense of what to expect on the day of the wedding and most importantly, I would get ample rest in preparation for the long day ahead.

In terms of cinematic styles, I’ve heard that most wedding videographers have signature shots? Do you have one?

Every video we make is unique for the couple. At the end of the day, it’s all about the couple and we tailor make each video for them. So, I don’t have a signature shot but rather I have unique shots for every wedding video I create.

Next to unique shots for certain wedding videos, are there cinematic techniques that you particularly enjoy?

Not specifically but I do enjoy creative innovations that shape the industry. For example, I’m one of the pioneers who started aerial videography. This technique has become standard in the industry and contributing these ground breaking innovations to raise the industry as a whole is what I particularly enjoy.

Chug editing for a Same Day Edit Video —

When you see your work, are you still in awe?

Absolutely! But more than watching the final product, I continue to be more in awe in reminiscing the entire process from filming, editing, and piecing everything together. It’s very hard work.

You must have a memorable wedding shoot then?

Not really but because of the novelty, the most memorable weddings for me tend to be the ones which are out of the country. Some in the industry believe that doing an out of the country wedding will take a lot out of your time and energy but I believe it’s worth it as you gain more out of it. Aside from an international portfolio, you tremendously learn form that experience. Every experience is unique which makes every trip a worthiwhile, new learning experience for me.

One that you’re particularly proud of?

Not really, there’s no one particular video that I am proud. That feeling is fleeting and temporary. After feeling proud at the end of a shoot, it is always topped by the next, and then topped again by the next and so on…

Your work is truly creative with some that are really breathtaking. So, where do you attribute this creativity from?

Honestly, I really don’t know. I just love videography. Maybe that’s where my creativity come from — from the sincere love and appreciation of videography, specifically wedding videography.

Switching gears, I’ve seen lot of your international videos. So, where and when was your first international shoot?

My international videos started around six years ago. My first shoot was in Oslo, Norway, a truly beautiful location. It was a surreal, amazing experience and a dream oppourtunity come true.

Do you enjoy international shoots and how does it vary?

I love traveling. I learn a lot from it. Also, each culture has it’s own unique set of wedding traditions. I always take this into consideration and adapt my cinematic style so that couple gets a bit of their culture in my films.

Is there a dream wedding location for you?

Yes, my dream location shoot is a farm wedding somewhere in Iceland. I would even shoot for free if given the opportunity.

My cousin’s same day edit wedding video as shot by Chug —

With wedding videos becoming a standard, the industry has obviously gotten crowded. How do you manage your studio’s visibility in the current environment?

First thing is to always create great videos. No amount of marketing can substitute this. For visibility, mobile marketing, I believe, is the most effective way of information dissemination. Likewise, I take advantage of social media marketing and I advertise online. I pay for ads and promotions to get my works across. Also, I diligently post my same-day-edit wedding videos as soon as possible before the wedding fever of my wedding couples fade.

As an industry pioneer and for folks interested in following your path, what do you think is the right amount of shoots in a year?

A few years back, I was averaging 90–100 weddings a year. This was a lot. Then about three years ago when I started covering more international shoots, my average went down to 50–70 weddings a year. To me, this is the perfect amount. It allows for more research time, more preparation, and more attention to every wedding.

Last two questions. For interested couples, what should they expect when Chug Cadiogan Cinema shoots their wedding?

In booking me (Chug Cadiogan Cinema), expect your authentic love story on film. I won’t let you do anything unnatural or awkward. More than anything, I will capture your unique love story, your real self, and will make sure your sincere emotions and true personality shine through on film.

And finally, what is the vision of your studio for the future?

It has always been my vision to be a household name when it came to wedding videos. Just as certain designers resonate with top quality and prestigious apparel, my vision is that Chug Cadiogan Cinema be synonymous with top caliber wedding videography both locally and internationally in the future.

We thank Chug for this interview and to know more about his packages or availability, please check out his facebook page, Trippix profile, or visit his website. And for questions or recommendations for future videographer highlights — please email us at or visit us at our social channels Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.