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Have you ever moved in with a person and dreaded soon after because you guys just don’t seem to get along? And it’d be next few months of awkwardness living under the same roof. You probably even ended up creating Scumbag Steve Roommate memes about your experience to post on 9GAG.

Who wouldn’t be annoyed

We have all been in situations where we end up moving in with someone that we barely talk to and wonder if only we had taken time to get to know them better beforehand. A lot of times, this can be attributed to finding someone in haste. You need to move or need someone to rent out the spare room ASAP so you say “Yes” to the first interested person. Suddenly, you realize you are stuck with someone who can’t stop talking about various conspiracy theories. So yes, you need to plan to find out more about the person you will be sharing accommodation with.

“Dude of course Moon landing is a hoax. You are crazy to think otherwise”

Various research studies have shown that your closest friends are those who have similar mindset and view on things as you. That’s why you often see people who are part of the similar culture live together. But it doesn’t help knowing that no easy way exists to connect you with roommates who share similar culture and background, especially the South Asian community. Sure, there are one or two websites but they are complicated, expensive and very time consuming. Also, it lacks depth where it is needed the most — to find out whether your roommate is someone you can potentially get along with. Sharing something as intimate as a home with like-minded people will help create a positive atmosphere. That’s why we created WeDesy — a trusted community marketplace for South Asians to list, discover and find properties rented out by other South Asians.

With 3 simple steps, WeDesy will help you find your perfect home:

1. Enter location: Enter address, city or zip code of the location you want to relocate to.

2. Search rooms: Review the listings and see if they meet your needs. All listings will have pictures so you can get a view of your potential room.

3. Chat & Finalize: Chat with the other person. Learn more about them so you can gauge whether this would be someone you can live with before exchanging phone numbers and setting up a time to visit,.

There is no cost involved to search for listings and chat with the listing owner. However, there is a $4.99 charge if you want to advertise your room 
(Limited time offer: $25 free credit towards posting listings when you first Sign Up). Advertising your room has been really simplified and it takes less than 2 minutes to post it.

With WeDesy, it’s not just another place to stay. It’s about finding roommates you can bond with whether it is through watching Bollywood movies or going to bhangra events with.

If you have any questions or any feedback regarding the product (http://www.wedesy.com), feel free to email at contact@wedesy.com. We will be sure to get back to you.

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