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Being Friends With Writing

Hello you, it’s been a while!

Work got very busy and I stopped writing on Medium back in April sometime. When my subscription ended in June, I allowed it to lapse.

Many of my articles get curated in multiple topics but curation’s not bringing in the views it used to. Something else seems to have changed behind the scenes too because if I publish an article to my own publication, Wednesday Genius, it won’t be curated but if I put that same article into one of the big publications, it’s curated the same day… go figure. (Don’t try that yourself kids, it’s against Medium rules to delete and republish.)

So yes, when I allowed my membership to lapse in June, I was feeling snarky and not bovvered.

But two weeks outside Medium was enough. I missed reading my favourite writers and bumping into that paywall after my 3 free articles a month ran out told me I was simply cutting my nose off to spite my face.

So I came back to read and am writing again too. Here’s the kicker, I’ve already pulled in enough to cover my membership. Nice.

The focus of Wednesday Genius

I’ve updated the focus of this publication and brought it in line with the mother website it sprang from:

I’ve always written around the topics of marketing/freelancing/copywriting etc on this publication, so you won’t notice any change in the type of content that comes through on your feed. At least I hope the algorithm pushes it to your feed because my stats are showing diabolical distribution on yesterday’s post.

Recent Posts

This is what I’ve published since I’ve been back, in date order:

Why Your New Website is Alienating People, Better Marketing

The Kung-Fu Technique to Find Loyal Customers, Better Marketing

The Freelancer’s Guide to Working for Free, Wednesday Genius

What have you been up to? Leave a link to one of yours and give me something good to read :-)

PS: I’ve sent letters out to you guys before but Medium emailed me to say a glitch in the system meant they didn’t get sent to everyone. Hoping this new “newsletter” format of theirs works!

The self-employed world is full of decisions, strategies, and tactics. I’m here to help you no matter where you are in the process. Let me know where you are stuck and how I can support you. Get in touch.



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