How to be a Better Listener (Infographic)

Five practical exercises to make you a better influencer

Jessica Barnaby
Feb 17 · 2 min read
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Influencer isn’t a nice word to me. It rings of superficiality. But that’s because of social media.

In the real world, influence is what you have when you’re a great listener. Listening leads to thinking and processing so when you speak, you’re full of the good stuff.

The best thing about a good relationship is how it makes you feel that you belong. This connection happens through the mutual empathy and understanding that comes about when you feel heard.

Even if someone disagrees with you, if they do it in a way that shows they listened to you first, you’re generally okay with it. You don’t feel belittled and the relationship doesn’t suffer.

In fact, you’re happy with their influence because it’s imbued with respect.

The exercises in this infographic help you practice your listening skills so you can strengthen empathy and understanding in your relationships.

  • The exercises work in business and personal relationships
  • The exercises work for face-to-face interactions and social media too
  • You’ll get irritated and annoyed sometimes, but dealing with resistance is part of being a good listener. How can you listen to others when you can’t listen to yourself?
Image: How to be a Better Listener, Wednesday Genius

To get a deeper understanding of these techniques, read the full article here.

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