A New Chapter For Climate Action

April 22 2019 marked the sought-after launch of the social network We Don’t Have Time. If it succeeds, so does humanity. Pun intended. The silver lining is that we together will soon have reached the social tipping point to solve the climate crises.

The live broadcast featured a rare mix of people’s movement for climate action, how the cultural scene helps us understand what needs to be done as well as corporations, cities, states, municipalities etcetera. If all act together to fix the climate crisis we can and will succeed.

This post is sort of a video compellation from the launch event, the 2019 We Don’t Have Time Climate Conference. This social network provides an action tool and is a social network for the 21st century.

The stunning introduction speech by Tessa Khan at the conference and launch event. Photo: Adam Johansson

Do you sometimes have second thoughts to if you are up to the challenge of solving the climate crisis we live through? If so We have good news: we are all with you! It’s human behaviour.

And we agree that it’s hard to see how individual actions count on an aggregated level. But we live in exciting times. Things move in an ever-increasing pace. Individuals become global phenomenons in no time by the power of many and of the logics of social networks.

So the question we have to ask ourselves is really quite a binary one:

Do you want to be a part of the problem or a part of the solution? Yes or no. Do you wish to contribute to the world?

To be fair: we’re neither perfect nor either a part of the solution or the problem. Instead, it’s understanding that every gram of CO2 or other greenhouse gases emitted matter, as well as the importance of reducing emissions and sharing the story of how to reduce them with the world.

What we collectively have to do now is to decide if we (that means you too!) want to be part of the movement to reach a global social tipping point, to quotes Per Espen Stoknes keynote. Not to take action means put ourselves at individual and collective serious risks. It also means to be left behind by society when we move into a more just and sustainable ground.

That’s why we think that the launch of We Don’t Have Time is one crucial proof-of-concept. We broke the climate system. We put ourselves in this position. The only way we can fix it is if we do it together. The following is a brief selection of the 3,5-hour live launch event and the playlists and videos you just have to see and share with others.

The Campaigns

These are the playlist of campaigns that pitched live at the event: 
The Climate Ideas
The Climate Love
The Climate Warnings

The interviews

This is the playlist of all in-depth interviews backstage. Featuring Klimatekot.

The launch and the Climate Conference

This is the playlist for the whole program divided into snippets, panel sessions, Q & A and keynotes etc.

Youth to the rescue

The climate youth movement also included important work of climate justice by the people and organisations associated with Jamie Margolin and Tianna Arredondo.

Culture and people to the rescue

The 2019 We Don’t Have Time Climate Conference added the important ingredients of culture to broadening our understanding of the current climate crisis and how to go about to face the mess that we have collaboratively put ourselves in without going crazy, as is said by one of the events speakers: Chris Johnstone.

Do watch, for instance, the first panel discussion between an author, a jewellery designer, a film director and a photographer and the follow-up discussion and launch of the competition and the pitch of the climate idea by Climate Students International and Klimatstudenterna.

Also, please do watch and feel the vibe from the special Nigerian cover of the original We Don’t Have Time Soundtrack that was originally launched 2018 and the new cover was first played at the live event, April 22 2019.

Selection of keynotes

Some keynote speakers addressed our financial system, like Jeffrey Sachs and Kate Raworth, and others talked of social tipping points and helping people comprehend, like that from Per-Espen Stoknes, Sweta Chakraborty and Katharine Hayhoe. They and the others were all fantastic contributions, and they are all in this playlist!

Visitors at the 2019 We Don’t Have Time Climate Conference, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Adam Johansson.

Oh, and yes, please make sure you have the app downloaded in order to agree with the campaigns to be a part of the solution by making your voice heard! 
This is how you become a 21st-century climate activist in no time. See you!

Facts about We Don’t Have Time

We Don’t Have Time is the world’s largest social network for climate action. Together we are the solution to the climate crisis. But we are running out of time. Join us: www.wedonthavetime.org