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Ericsson sustainability talk with We Don’t Have Time

The following is a sum-up from a keynote by WeDontHaveTime.org CEO Ingmar Rentzhog. It serves as a viewpoint for those interested in the progress of the We Don’t Have Time movement and recent development on climate change.

Ingmar Rentzhog sustainability keynote for Ericsson, July 2018.
Ingmar Rentzhog keynote at the Ericsson event in Gothenburg, Sweden, July 2018. Photography: Adam Johansson, AdaMediaMedMera

Ingmar started his keynote by saying:

I’ve been working in the finance industry in the whole of my life.
I always had a lot of ideas and I’ve started companies within the financial sector. Recently I changed my career and now I’m focusing to save or future.

In June there was an article about the 2018 historical Swedish drought. The month of May average daily temperature was 16.1 °C (60,9 °F). This should statistically only happen three times every million year. Unfortunately, this will occur more often in the future.

Last Friday when I was commuting from work there was a huge fire by the highway just outside central Stockholm. It took a weekend to extinguish the fire. We had so many fires this summer that we ran out of resources. We had to borrow firefighting planes from Italy to fight the fires.

I’ve been working two years with climate change. I have seen images from wildfires around the world but I have never witness it myself. This time I was so close I could smell it, and it was not nice. We need to do something about this before it gets out of control.

As you can understand it’s not a local problem, it’s global. One obstacle when talking about climate change is communication. 2 °C doesn’t sound dangerously hot. But if we talking about the body temperature, a 2 °C increase to 39 °C will result in fever and be dangerous. I feel that our Earth have a fever and we have to do something about it.

The reason for this fever is our CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. This graph is showing how much CO2 we have in the atmosphere today and we have over 400 PPM, this is absurd.

Global CO2 level in Earth’s atmosphere over the past 800,000 years. Image: We Don’t Have Time

During the past 800,000 years the level of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere has gone up and down. There has been ice ages and warmer periods but we have never been as high as 400 PPM. Normally it takes 10,000 years to increase 180 PPM to 280 PPM. We have reached 400 PPM in 200 years and it’s us that’s causing it.

We still have time to do something but we don’t have time to wait. When I started this movement and startup I was looking what other environmental organizations were doing. My conclusion was that there are a lot of them and they are to slow. They have done achievement but they haven’t changed the world. If we instead look at IT giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc they have changed the world in a faster way. They basically didn’t exist 15 years ago. We want to be one of them but with a cause to stop climate change, and that’s We Don’t Have Time.

If we compare We Don’t Have Time with other platforms, it would be similar to TripAdvisor. They have over 400 million users around the world. When I spoke with one of Sweden’s major hotel chains they told me that TripAdvisor is the best thing happened to the industry. That’s because the customers are telling us how we can improve. We’re trying to do something similar but not just for the traveling industry but for all industries. For an example when I was eating at KFC in Malmö last year they had waste sorting bins.

Waste Storting bins KFC in Malmö, Sweden. Photo: Ingmar Rentzhog

But when I lifted the lid I saw that everything went into the same bag. In this case our users could take a photo, write a message, tag the company and spread it through our platform with a bad rating. And nobody wants a bad rating so I think they would solve this.

Waste Storting bin KFC in Malmö, Sweden. Everything goesinto the same bag. Photo: Ingmar Rentzhog

We do not want to create a platform filled with bad climate deeds. We believe that good climate deeds is also important to share. Where I live for an example, two gas stations Circle K and Preem are competitors and they are located next to each other. The interesting thing here is that Preem’s petrol only release half the CO2 emission from the gas compared to that of one of it’s competitors Circle K. The price is exactly the same but people don’t know this. Preem have done an incredible job to increase the amount of biofuel. It’s information like this we would like to spread as well.

To succeed with our mission we need a large user base and our goal is 100 million users. It took Facebook 7 years and Instagram only 2 years to achieve this. Every year the speed to get 100 million users is increasing and that’s because we are becoming more digital and active on social networks.

We had a successful crowdfunding earlier this year where we gained 9.5 million SEK (approx. 1.2 MUSD) from 400 investors all around the world.

We launched our first event on Earth Day 22nd of April. There is not much talk about Earth Day in Sweden but internationally Earth Day is a big thing. But we don’t have time to build a local company and then expand globally, we need to think global from the beginning.

The right way and the future is digital. We asked ourselves, why is every climate scientist flying to conferences all around the globe with a big CO2 footprint. Just to talk about how bad it’s to fly. So we decided to do the first public no flight climate conference, we did it digital instead.

Our conference had a great impact, we had 9,000 from over 90 countries participating and we saved 71,000 ton CO2 the comparing if these people had travelling to the conference instead. Now we have over a half million viewers that have seen this conference. The future for conferences is digital, it’s better for the environment and reduces CO2 emission.

We have succeeded in social media and our social impacts is increasing. Last week we reached 6 million people with our content, it’s not 100 million but it’s a start. Our platform is not finished yet, until then you can visit our site and use our tools. There you can send Climate Love and Climate Bombs to leaders on Twitter. You can make a Climate Resolution and install our email signature that will climate compensate every email you send.

Facts about WeDontHaveTime

We Don’t Have Time are currently building the world’s largest social media network for climate action.
Together we can solve the climate crisis.
But we are running out of time.
Sign up for our newsletter at WeDontHaveTime.org.
Join the movement by reading our manifest, following the blog and taking action to battle climate change. Or simply just enjoy seeing our impact and reach develop here and here.

Web site: www.wedonthavetime.org



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