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How to calculate your climate footprint — and make it smaller

Reducing your carbon footprint can be both easy and fun. Just follow these simple guidelines and learn how you can become a climate hero in no time.

1. Go to wedonthavetime.org and download our app. For the desktop version, just sign in.

2. Create an account.

3. Log in, and go to your profile page. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner, and then on the profile button. (The screenshot below shows the desktop version. In the mobile app, your profile picture is in the top left corner, and you only need one click to get to the next step.)

4. Click the Climate Hero button.

5. Start calculating your climate footprint.

6. After having completed the test, you will get to know your current carbon footprint. You will also get to know what you’re doing well, and how you could improve.

7. It is now time to make your climate pledges.

8. You now have the option to offset your remaining emissions by 200 per cent by investing in certified projects that would not have happened without this kind of funding. (And no, offsetting does not mean your own footprint disappears. It means you are making a wise carbon-reducing investment elsewhere, based on your own remaining emissions.)

9. Invite your friends to download the app and take the test as well. Set tough goals, and make a sport out of reaching them first. If you want to make real impact, tell others about your climate pledges on social media, and challenge them to do the same.

If you need inspiration, read this story about how Robert Sabelström, the founder of ClimateHero, managed to cut his own carbon footprint from 20 to 2,5 tons in just three years — and improve his life quality along the way.

Read the story here.




We Don’t Have Time is a social network for everyone who wants to be a part of the solution to the climate crisis. The power of many enables us to influence businesses, politicians and world leaders. But We Don’t Have Time to wait.

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We Don’t Have Time

We Don’t Have Time

We Don’t Have Time is a social network for climate action. Together we are the solution to the climate crisis.

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