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IKEA: ”We need to share as many solutions as we can”

In a gathering of major industry executives at the Exponential Climate Action Summit, Inter IKEA Group’s head of climate, Andreas Ahrens, defined why they were all there: “We all need to work together, and we shouldn’t take pride in the secret of our solutions; we should really share them. This is not for us as a company, but this is for society as a total, so we need to actually enable and share as much as we can — with of course respect to competition, but we’re not doing this to gain competitive advantage. We’re doing this for people and planet.”

Watch Andreas Ahrens (top left) and the rest of the panelists give their presentations at the digital no-fly conference Exponential Climate Action Summit. https://bit.ly/2UrtuJH
”Just last week BT joined the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, and announced our support of the 1,5 degrees Celsius Business Playbook”, said BT:s Jennifer Artley at the Exponential Climate ACtion Summit, broadcast live on We Dont Have Time. Watch her presentation here: https://bit.ly/32GRUDK
”We have been able to reduce our carbon footprint while continuing to grow our manufacturing capabilities” said Todd Brady. Watch his presentation here: https://bit.ly/35tCrJ6



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We Don’t Have Time

We Don’t Have Time is a review platform for climate action. Together we are the solution to the climate crisis.