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The IPCC like you’ve never seen it before

You might have heard the name. But what is the IPCC really? And what does it do? Well, the most entertaining explanation you’ll ever get is right before your eyes.

In this guest post blog, the author tells the story behind the most unexpected graphic novel of the year.

Two pages from the graphic novel “Because IPCC”.


There are people who are certain that the world is coming to an end because of climate change, and there are people who are certain that climate change is a hoax, and there are people at every point along the grey zone in between. Those of us who believe what the science tells us, that climate change is real and that it is being caused by humans, we still aren’t always certain of the underlying authority behind our beliefs.

A news item may bring some scientific study to our attention, but how well equipped are we to say that this scientific study has more or less authority than the one we heard about last week? Do the findings of a science council outweigh those of a public interest group? Does the UN have more behind it than a business association?

Read the whole graphic novel here.

There is an objective answer to these questions. It lies in that phrase “what the science tells us.” Even scientists don’t always agree on the meaning behind particular nuances but they certainly do agree on the big picture of climate change. They’ve agreed for decades and have established a formal mechanism to confirm that agreement.

Again and again and again I’ve asked people “do your recognize the acronym IPCC?” and been met with uncertain stares and frank admissions that it doesn’t ring a bell. Even strongly motivated climate activists and responsible government officials often respond this way. The name recognition of the IPCC is so low that there’s never been a study on the name recognition of the IPCC.

The IPCC is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and it is that established formal mechanism by which scientists have confirmed agreement about climate change. More than that, the IPCC is the established formal mechanism by which scientists have caused practically every government on earth to also confirm agreement about climate change.

The stamina, courage and achievements of the volunteer scientists who initiated and perpetuate the work of the IPCC is truly awe inspiring.

Yet almost no one recognizes their name.

This is the reason that the Canadian charity Succession created the graphic novel Because IPCC. It is an easy 15 minute read aimed at people unsure what the acronym stands for, or for those uncertain of the strength of the scientific consensus.

Because IPCC is designed for sharing and is available free online. If you learn anything new (and you are very likely to) please think of who else would appreciate reading it. Share it widely with your networks.

Read the graphic novel here.

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