The secret sauce of a global climate movement

It’s time for some humblebragging. And actually you deserve the credit as an essential part of our movement. Strengthened by your support we’re building a social network for the 21st century that will put you in power. Climate power to the people!
We Don’t Have Time have in no time gone from non-existing a year ago to attract millions of people monthly. This is our latest development and our very first humblebrag.

One view of We Don’t Have Time movement.

The We Don’t Have Time Twitter account and feed is already influential on a global level. Below you get a glimpse of the last 30 days social media reach on Facebook (dark blue) and Twitter (light blue), as provided by Meltwater.

The peak for that period of time was our Twitter account that on October 14th reached 3,14 million users!

Another view of the We Don’t Have Time movement is our reach on Facebook and Twitter.

The #WeDontHaveTime Twitter map

Yet another way to look at our movement is the interactive We Don’t Have Time Twitter map that shows how tweets that use the hashtag #WeDontHaveTime and their location set in their Twitter bio. Join us there!

We Don’t Have Time — the price winner

Acquisition International has awarded We Don’t Have Time the “Award Excellence in Climate Change Action — Social Networking” in the 2018 Global Excellence Awards. Their publication AI Magazine Issue 10 2018 features all details and an interview with our CEO, Ingmar Rentzhog. Read the article here.

Another price we take great pride in is the ACQ Global Awards where we were appointed ACQ Global Awards 2018 for the “International — Good Cause Company of the Year” and “Gamechanger of the Year”.

The statue for the We Don’t Have Time “Good Cause Company Global award”.

Ingmar Rentzhog is Sweden’s #1 Environmental Influencer

Receiving a record number of nominees and votes the Ingmar Rentzhog was also awarded (text in Swedish only) the top environment influencer, by Sweden’s leading magazine ‘Miljö & Utveckling’.

The chairwoman of We Don’t Have Time Anette Nordvall, receives the price in Ingmar’s absence . Photography: Adam Johansson. Image Source: WeDontHaveTime in Sweden (Instagram)

The launch of ‘Climate Friendly Employees’

We have written a piece about a revolution to take swift climate action and filling a gap in the field of climate compensation.

We wrote that article for everyone to read, not only those most dedicated to save our climate. There is also a special lesson to be learned by economists of the importance of understanding that the economy as the rest of us, rely upon the very same foundations: the natural and scarce resources and that includes the climate.

Starting to compensate for your lifestyle today can be an important first step to decrease your total emissions.

The first client is Swedish financial advisor firm Söderberg & Partners with 1 869 employees.
All employees at organisations that pass as ‘Climate Friendly Employees’ get a email-signature to spread.

The 2019 edition of the We Don’t Have Time Climate Conference

The 2018 climate conference can be viewed in part or in pieces in out YouTube Channel or on the event site. This teaser video from the 2018 conference has gained huge momentum on Facebook. Watch the video and read the transcript on Facebook or our YouTube channel. It’s powerful stuff!

Some of the speakers that already accepted the invitation. We Are proud to announce some keynotes from last year will be coming back in 2019. Jeffrey Sachs, Anders Wijkman, David Spratt, Stuart Scott, Cathy Orlando, Chris Johnstone , Peter Kalmus, Per Espen Stoknes, Joakim Byström and others.

Do you like to tip us of with your ideas of how to make it even greater in 2019, please drop a line to our chief of Marketing and Sustainability: Mårten Thorslund at marten [at] Don’t forget to specify your reasons for why we should consider that person as a keynote or in a panel, preferably with a link to their work place, their place of residence, affiliation and link to public performance or to a bio with contact details. By doing so, you help a truly good cause. Thank you!

Facts about We Don’t Have Time

We Don’t Have Time is currently building the world’s largest social media network for climate action. 
Together we can solve the climate crisis. 
But we are running out of time. 
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Join the movement by reading our manifest, following the blog and taking action to battle climate change. Or simply just enjoy seeing our impact and reach develop here and here.

Another We Don’t Have Time Climate Conference will air on Earth Day 2019. 
Get more videos and information about the 2018 conference here
And please drop us a line if you want to send us your idea for a theme for a keynote, a speaker or panel member before then. See you on 22 April 2019!

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