The social network for climate action

Together we are the solution to the climate crisis.

We have dedicated the last two years for this day… And we are finally ready to launch the social network for climate action that aims to connect every one of us that wants to fight for a future on this planet. Earth Day 22 April marks the premiere of We Don’t Have Time´s awaited social media platform.

On Earth Day, 22 April 2019 will We Don’t Have Time finally launch its product, a social network for the climate. The point is to unite people who want to collaborate in order to stop the climate crisis. To honor the day, we will host a global no-fly climate conference from Stockholm, Sweden

Leaders, scientists, and just ordinary people from all over the world will be speaking and sharing their ideas during the event. But there is a catch. No one is allowed to fly in as We Don’t Have Time works towards a fossil-free future. But that will not be an issue for anyone as we will broadcast the full event. Just remember to register so you don’t forget to watch.

If you, however, are able to travel by train or other means of climate-friendly transportation, then join us on site! The event is free of charge but the number of seats is limited so register yourself ASAP.

The plans for this year are much greater compared to last year's Earth Day event. We will, for example, have two stages in order to fit all the exciting content. Some of the confirmed keynotes are Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs, Ph.D. Per E Stoknes, Ph.D. Katharine Hayhoe, Artist Klaus Thymann, Youth activist Jamie Margolin, Author Kate Raworth, and Dr. Sweta Chakraborty, and many many more

Some of the speakers attending the 2019 climate conference.

The theme of the conference is “Together we are the solution” and our aim is to create relevance and understanding of, movements, conditions, opportunities, and necessities.

We have felt for a very long time that nothing is happening in terms of stopping the climate crisis. A lot of talk, no action. To be able to produce more concrete solutions, will We Don’t Have Time launch a new concept of climate campaigns called “climate-love”, “climate-idea”, and “climate-warning”.

Climate-heart, climate-idea, and climate-warning

A climate campaign is a post in our social media network with some important features. The basic idea is this: A climate campaign is a statement about how we can solve the climate crisis or improve our environment, and this statement is sent to a recipient who is a public figure, a company, or an organization. The idea is to accomplish change by putting pressure on decision-makers at every level in society. We want to emphasize that together we are the solution. How exactly this will work and more will be demonstrated on our climate conference. (You can watch a sneak-peek here.)

You can already download our preview-app. It is a sneak-peek of the upcoming social network. The app collects climate news from all over the world and is available on App Store and Google Play. The app will later automatically update to its full version on Earth day 22nd of April.

We Don’t Have Time´s climate news app available on App Store and Google Play

You find more information about the conference here.

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Facts about We Don’t Have Time

We Don’t Have Time are currently building the world’s largest social media network for climate action. Together we are the solution to the climate crisis. 
But we are running out of time.

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